Work takes a lot of my time, can the rewards match the investment in these times?

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Not long ago, an offline consultant, Cathy, sent me a message like this:

“Huang Li teacher, hello. Since the last consultation, I feel that I have a clearer direction. However, the problem is that my current work takes up most of the time. You know, I am still at the moment. I can’t easily quit the job. After all, this job has what I want… What should I do?”

Removing Cathy’s personal information and professional experience, presumably this issue is also shared by many friends, that is —

Being occupied most of the time, what should I do?

To understand this question, we must first clarify the essence of the problem.

In my opinion, the core of this question is not the amount of time, but whether it is worth it.

So, behind the question of “the work is occupied for most of the time”, what is hidden is such a confusion, namely:

Working has taken me a lot of time, can the rewards match the investment in these times?

What should I do most of the time?

Someone work overtime every day, but the income is pitiful and naturally feels worthless;

Someone work overtime every day, but overtime can bring corresponding job performance to TA, in exchange for rich returns, and from the perspective of income, TA earns more income than peers, friends or classmates, TA will think These time investments are worthwhile.

See you?

We are not afraid of time being consumed, because frankly, time consumption itself is objective. If you do or do nothing, time will also be consumed. The key issue is that the time you spend today can Whether it brings you the expected benefits is the place where you feel tangled and confused.

What should I do most of the time?


Next, the topic that deserves our discussion or discussion is —

The same 24 hours a day, how to use it to add value?

This is another concept, time utilization.

Speak a real story.

Consultant Linda (a pseudonym) secretarial professional background, after graduation, working as a general manager assistant in a company, from the general manager’s itinerary, work deployment, interviewing customers, small to reimbursement of reimbursement documents, sending and receiving couriers, etc., all are Linda One person is responsible.

Before consulting, Linda felt painful. This job feels like a busy day, and rarely gets off work. There is just one thing here, and it is disturbed by various trivial matters. When I was doing it, I went to work after unknowingly, and then I found that there were still a few things that had not been processed, and I could only stay and continue working overtime.

For Linda, the key issue is to improve the efficiency of time utilization, so as to ensure that tasks are completed on time, and that they are not delayed by trivial matters, thus affecting work efficiency.

I told Linda that there is a point here. You need to categorize your work, put some less important but necessary transactions into a specific time period, and inform the relevant personnel and departments to cooperate and control your own. Work rhythm, not “passively arrange” your work.

Under my suggestion, Linda spent two weeks sorting out the work content, including, for example, sending and receiving, reimbursement, etc., all of which set a fixed time, which greatly increased their work efficiency. Ensuring that the focus is on key issues, Linda’s work efficiency has been greatly improved in the late stage. In addition to a few sudden tasks, it is basically possible to do without overtime.

So, for the same working hours, whether you have effectively managed and utilized time has largely determined your sense of job accomplishment and whether you can ensure that you spend the most time and energy on important matters. Further decide what developments you can make in the future.

What should I do most of the time?


From a realistic perspective, it is necessary to add two points.

1, valueWhether you have it or not, you need to have your own analysis and judgment;

If a job objectively covers most of your working hours, you should think about a problem:

Can you improve the current situation through subjective efforts, such as what we just mentioned, to improve time utilization?

If it cannot be achieved for various reasons, and further analysis, do you think it is necessary to continue? Is the contribution of a large period of time today beneficial to the improvement of strength?

And how to judge, you have to have a heart.

What should I do most of the time?

Generally speaking, many companies generally do not have a fixed schedule for sales work. In order to make a single order, you need to spend time on the customer, basically no need to punch in, but it is normal to reply to customer questions at night.

If you are doing a sales position, you have to accept a state in which work and living time are often mixed together. At this time, what you need to be clear is, what exactly do you want?

If your goal is to do a good job and grow into a sales elite in a few years, then the time and cost you pay today is worth it.

What should I do most of the time?

2, the absolute “balance” does not exist, each stage has different key tasks, we need to distinguish the primary and secondary;

From the many consulting cases I have handled, some visitors are easy to enter a misunderstanding, that is, the pursuit of absolute “balance.”

However, from a realistic perspective, this is simply not possible.

We need to understand the key points of different stages, and we must not use them evenly.

What should I do most of the time?

For example, at the age of 25-30, the focus is on personal growth, both in terms of ability and job development.Individuals pay a lot of time and energy. If you try to avoid this, when you reach the age of 30, your life will become more and more passive.

Because it determines the choice of the future, it is nothing else, it is your strength.

Of course, it is not excluded that some companies are forced to work overtime, which is closely related to corporate culture and boss style. Under this premise, if you think that the work that takes up most of the time is unreasonable, you can choose to seek legal help. You can also choose to resign.

In addition, for the advice of others, what is “this work is very good, the brain is tempted to resign?”, etc., should you measure it yourself?

What should I do most of the time?


Overall, if a job occupies most of the time, you need to analyze:

1. What caused it?

If it is related to the nature of the work (such as sales posts), if you value the value of the job (such as high salary, market experience, etc.), you should prepare mentally and mentally in advance, and your focus should be on How to increase the transaction rate and make the time to pay back;

If it is caused by inefficient use of time, you need to adjust your working methods as soon as possible, systematically sort out the work, and formulate different strategies according to priorities, instead of evenly exerting efforts to improve your ability to control the work;

If it is a malformed corporate culture and the boss wants to control too much, for example, some bosses like to stare at employees to work overtime, although the work is completed, TA still expressly implies that everyone work overtime, in this case, you can consider changing the environment.

What should I do most of the time?

2, depending on the length of time, it is more important to pay attention to it;

This “worth” contains two dimensions –

One is the explicit value dimension: for example, it is linked to salary positions. If the time taken is good for your future salary increase, then today’s time is an indispensable experience and cost;

Second is the hidden value dimension: even if today’s time is not able to bring the results of promotion and salary increase for various reasons, it will help me to improve my ability, andThis ability is closely related to my goal. At this time, you can’t lose too much time.

What should I do most of the time?

3. Distinguish the target weights at different stages and rationally plan the key points of each stage;

If for you, barbaric growth is your current theme, then don’t rush to pursue the so-called “balance”, not to blindly work part-time to make money, otherwise it is easy to lose because of small.

If you want to have some freedom of choice in the future, it means taking the initiative to break the “balance” of today, and we must focus on the cohesion. When we have a certain foundation, we can talk about the so-called “balance.”

4, do everything possible to improve your value;

Let’s say the last point.

If your current job takes up most of your time, but your strength is not enough to support you to find the ideal job, according to the previous analysis, this time occupation is worthless or little value to you. At that time, you will come to the barrier of choice.

Either change the platform, find a position that can enhance the value, take up time, but you can see that you want to have a head;

Either harder, try your best to squeeze out all the time you can use to learn a skill and lay the foundation for your future choices;

If you feel that you are unable to make a rational system of analysis and judgment, you can ask a professional for help.

Trust me, regardless of knowledge, skills, and even personality, as long as you are eager to change, willing to spend more time than ordinary people to study hard, you will find the right way.

“In addition to sleep, people have only 10,000 days in their lifetime. The difference between people is that you have lived for more than 10,000 days, or just lived for one day, but repeated more than 10,000 times.” – Fernando Pessoa

What should I do most of the time?