Medical and health industry weekly report, industry news that deserves attention this week.

In recent years, innovations in the healthcare industry have continued to emerge and have developed into one of the most active industries, witnessing and accompanying the growth of innovative companies in this field, and bringing professional voices to the industry.

For this reason, the “Medical and Health Industry Weekly Report” was launched, which will be published regularly to provide readers with industry information from multiple perspectives such as capital, policy, finance, and new products.

Please check the weekly report of the medical and health industry on November 29. The industry weekly report contains the financing news reported by the “Venture Channel” in the medical and health sector this week, as well as other domestic and foreign industry news that deserve attention.

Investment Financing

  • Retouch Technology completes tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing

Retouch Technology completed tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing, exclusively invested by New Silk Road Wealth, and Xilin Investment served as the financial advisor. Retouch Technology is composed of a team from the imaging equipment and device engineering industry. It focuses on the research and development of precision puncture surgical robots. By improving the accuracy of puncture biopsy, it helps to improve the detection rate of diverse and complex and early small and micro tumor tissues.

  • Yehui Pharmaceutical completes Series B+ financing

Yehui Pharmaceutical, an innovative drug company, completed a B+ round of financing. This round was jointly invested by Hanyi Capital, Gimpo Investment, Powerfang Capital, Coupled Health Fund, Yinshengtai and others. Prior to this, the company has completed two rounds of financing. Shareholders include Taifu Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Aobo Capital, Boyuan Capital, Lilly Asia Fund, Powerfang Capital and Mitsui International Investment Department. Yehui Pharmaceutical was established in 2018, focusing on the field of oncology.

  • Bodong Medical completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series B financing

“Pulse Medical” completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series B financing. In this round of financing, Shanghai Science and Technology Venture Capital (Group) Co., Ltd. made a strategic capital injection, Hillhouse Ventures led the investment, and the original shareholder Bohang Capital followed the investment. The full name of “Bo Sports Medicine”BoDong Medical ImagingTechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in September 2015. The company is committed to the development of cardiac imaging products to assist in the diagnosis and evaluation of coronary heart disease.

Deep drilling into the subdivision field of coronary artery function, “Bodong Medicine” completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series B financing< /a>

  • Wobi Medical completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series C financing

Stroke holistic solution provider Wallaby Medical has completed more than hundreds of millions of RMB in Series C financing. Hillhouse Ventures led the investment, followed by Innovation Workshop and Songbai Capital. This round of financing will be used for the commercialization of the company’s core products and the listing of stroke products at home and abroad. Wobi MedicalAt the same time Layout the two fields of hemorrhagic stroke treatment and ischemic stroke treatment. The product pipeline covers products such as coils, thrombus aspiration catheters, thrombectomy stents, dense mesh stents, balloons, and guide wires. Among them, coils and suction catheters have become the company’s fastest-growing products.

Haier Medical led the investment, Oriental Jiafu joined the investment, the B round investor Junlian Capital continued to make additional investments, and Haoyue Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.Kunya Medical was established in 2009, focusing on providing overall coverage for medical institutions Third-party equipment maintenance solutions including medical equipment custody, department equipment custody and single equipment maintenance.

First release | Focusing on hospital equipment asset management, “Kunya Medical” received 100 million yuan C round of financing

  • Unknown Jun completes tens of millions of dollars in Series B+ financing

ShenzhenUnknown Jun⽣ Material Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Unknown Jun”) has nearly completed tens of millions of US dollars in Series B+ financing. This round of financing was led by Chunhua Capital and Yinrong Capital. Wuyuan Capital (formerly Morningside Capital) Capital), Legend Capital, Yimei Capital and Yayi Capital participated in the investment, and Huaxing Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing. thisEvidence for adult patients.

FDA News

  • The GD2 monoclonal antibody Danyelza was approved by the FDA for accelerated listing

Y-mAbs announced that the GD2 monoclonal antibody Danyelza (naxitamab-gqgk) has been approved for marketing under the FDA’s accelerated approval regulations for use in combination therapy with granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) for previous treatment performance Children (1 year and older) and adult patients with relapsed/refractory high-risk neuroblastoma with partial remission, mild remission or stable disease. Danyelza has been granted priority review status, orphan drug status, breakthrough therapy designation and rare pediatric disease designation by the FDA.

  • The ADC drug of CSPC obtained the FDA orphan drug designation

CSPC announced that the ADC drug (antibody-drug conjugate) SYSA1801 for the treatment of gastric cancer (including gastroesophageal junction cancer) has been approved by the FDA as an orphan drug. SYSA1801 is a Claudin-18.2 fully human monoclonal antibody-MMAE drug conjugate independently developed by CSPC. Preclinical in vitro and in vivo animal experiments show that SYSA1801 can effectively target tumor cells through Claudin-18.2 antibody and undergo endocytosis. The MMAE virus is introduced into tumor cells to treat gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Industry News

  • First release | Digital diabetes management partner weight management, “Hua Nuo Zhisheng” and “Eikang Damei” completed the merger

It is learned that “Hua Nuo Zhisheng”, a company engaged in digital diabetes management, recently announced the completion of the merger of the digital weight management company “Ekang Damei”.

After this merger, the two parties will integrate their respective resources in clinical research, technology development, patient management, market expansion, etc. Huanuo SmartWin will become an enterprise with both diabetes and weight in-depth digital metabolic disease management solutions , Ekangda