A report on the harmlessness of base station radiation has been published, but nearly 20% of users still object to the construction of base stations. They used scissors to cut the cable and other means to obstruct them. After nearly ten months, the incident still did not find a good solution.

Some common sense people may ridicule them, but they have their own logic to persuade themselves, still do their own thing.

Behind the base station construction dispute, the appearance is that the people maintain their rights and interests. In fact, under the social background of rapid information expansion, the level of knowledge with the literacy as the main indicator is divided.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone< p class="img-desc">Mobile phone radiation is very small and can be ignored. / www.kttn.com

What is the meaning of life without a base station

The Chinese who dare to resist the base station have not fully realized the freedom of the base station. In the vast western part of China, many mountainous areas cannot receive the signals of the three major operators at the same time, so that many places have only heard of mobile, and do not know Telecom and China Unicom.

In the history of the struggle between Chinese and base stations, Shenzhen Huaqiang North had to mention it. For today’s era of full access to the touch screen, it is unthinkable that a mobile phone can pull out an antenna, but such a situation has actually existed.

When the smartphone era has not yet entered, the cottage phones assembled in many small workshops in Shenzhen Huaqiang North are popular because of good signal, strong battery life and low price.

These “fighters”, which are known as signals in mines, flow out of hundreds of millions of places every year, realizing the dream of the first generation of Chinese mobile phones.

A mobile phone company that has gone out of here has dominated the African market in recent years. In the face of the unhealthy reality of the vast geographical signal in Africa, its “four cards and four waiting” black technology is very popular.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone< p class="img-desc">As of the end of 2018, the number of Chinese base stations is nearly 5 million. / pixabay

Until today, base stationThere are still huge urban-rural differences in popularity, and the density of urban base stations is large. However, the residents’ understanding of the base stations has not kept pace with the development of the city, and conflicts have occurred frequently.

In 2018, due to poor signal, the Huaying Sunshine Community in Chengdu decided to improve the network quality by setting up communication equipment. Unexpectedly, this was strongly resisted by the residents of the community. Due to the inability to obtain normal operation of the equipment, the operator must temporarily interrupt the signal in the cell.

Located in a bustling area of ​​commercial and residential areas, it became a black hole in mobile phone signals. The business of the local shop owner has been greatly affected. Many customers have already selected the goods. When they paid, they found that they could not scan the code. In the end, they had to put things back. The shop that earned thousands of yuan in the morning, only a few hundred dollars. .

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The data shows that in 2018, only WeChat paid one, and the average daily payment exceeded 1 billion times. In this era when few people bring cash, without a cell phone signal, people will fall into the dilemma of having money to spend.

Unexpectedly, a community in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, had been afraid of radiation, requiring operators to dismantle the base stations in the community. After the signal facilities were closed, the lives of residents in the community were greatly affected. The residents could not only use QQ and WeChat normally, and even the daily take-out and express calls could not be received.

Therefore, more than 800 homeowners who lost their connections had to join the name to let the operators resume the base station operation.

After stopping the operation of the base station in Shaanxi Yulin, the residents could not stand the network interruption. Finally, the property sent a letter to the operator to apologize and requested to open the network.

Now, if you don’t look at the mobile phone on the subway to ease it, we must respect him as a monk. Many people are not used to walking without taking a mobile phone, let alone not eating a mobile phone.

With the popularity of paperless office, mobile phones have penetrated into people’s lives in addition to eight hours of work time. In a sense, people’s work and life have been tied to the base station.

For young people, “what is the reason why there is no base station weekend” is a proposition. go to bed? Reading? Learn to cook?

The only advantage is that the boss can’t contact you for the time being, and I will give you good fruit on Monday.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone

Without the base station, the phone instantly turns into a brick.

“Anti-radiation, I recommend removing the sun first”

On the Chinese Internet, no matter how much rumors that science workers and netizens have done, the rumors related to radiation are always “wildfire.” Most of these rumors have confused “ionizing radiation” and “non-ionizing radiation.”

In short, ionizing radiation comes from gamma rays and cosmic rays, X-rays, etc. produced by radioactive materials, and its energy can destroy chemical bonds; and artificial sources such as electrical equipment, microwave equipment, and household appliances in daily life are produced. The electromagnetic wave belongs to “non-ionizing radiation” and its energy is not enough to destroy chemical bonds.

Research from the WHO indicates that there is currently insufficient evidence to suggest that long-term exposure to “non-ionizing radiation” has any health impact.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone

Electrical and electronic products commonly used in daily life are electromagnetic waves that are harmless to the human body. /Shell Net

But these scientific common senses are hard to forward on the Internet like rumors, and even if they are seen by readers, they may not be able to reverse their perceptions.

So, the article “China’s high-speed rail has radiation”, every few years will always change the soup and do not change the medicine in the circle of friends.

In recent days, taking the high-speed rail is equivalent to the rumors of X-rays, and it has been passed on social media again, which led to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council directly blaming. The article has evidence that “the animals are close to the high-speed rail track.” The female inmates on the high-speed rail have a sharp increase in infertility rate…

Users ridicule, the sun also has radiation, it is recommended that people who resist high-speed rail first consider how to remove the sun.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone< p class="img-desc">The amount of radiation in the outer atmosphere of the Earth is about 1367W/m2, of which there are about 40% can reach the surface of the earth. / www.nownews.seoul.co.kr

For these people, any object that is plugged in will be suspected of being radiation harmful. In addition to high-speed rail and base stations, the “blacklist” contains almost all of the daily necessities.

On the Internet, Wi-Fi must be turned off before going to bed. Otherwise, radiation will lead to poor sleep, and the next day is not good.

In fact, Wi-Fi radiation is non-ionizing radiation, and the harm to the human body is minimal. Similarly, sleeping on the pillow will affect sleep, and it is also popular.

Preventing bad sleep on your phone and Wi-Fi. The most useful suggestion is not to play around with your phone. Otherwise, the combination of mobile phone and Wi-Fi is really easy to make people feel bad next day.

The term “electromagnetic allergy” is indeed true. In the American drama “Desperate Lawyer”, Chuck thinks he is suffering from electromagnetic allergy. However, the doctor turned on the appliance without his knowledge, but he did not have any allergic reactions.

World Health Organization research shows that people with electromagnetic allergy do not perceive electromagnetic fields more sensitively than non-allergic people. The so-called “electromagnetic allergy” still lacks sufficient evidence in physiology, and may be just a psychological problem of “sweet yourself.”

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone

There are very few people in the world who are allergic to Wi-Fi, but such a condition is almost drug-free. / www.nownews.seoul.co.kr

The fear of radiation is no different at home and abroad. Today, the Chinese people are skeptical about the root cause of radiation hazards in Wi-Fi and base stations. They must start with an inaccurate research report from the United States.

In 2000, a public school in Florida, USA, intended to equip students with laptops and wireless networks. Before implementing this policy, the school district invited consultant and physicist Bill P. Curry to investigate whether wireless networks would affect Student health.

As a result, Dr. Curry’s research shows that radio waves eventually induce brain cancer.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone

If radio waves can induce brain cancer, people around the world are estimated to have brain cancer.

After many years, Dr.’s findings were overturned because Dr. Curry, who lacked a biological foundation, did not consider the protective mechanisms of human skin. However, this erroneous study has spread widely and eventually resonated with the Chinese on the other side of the ocean.

The domestic people are particularly creative in the development of radiation protection measures. Compared with the extreme means of throwing away electrical appliances, the Chinese people prefer the best of both worlds in terms of electrical appliances and health.

Cactus has always been a highly regarded anti-radiation weapon. In the home furnishings, there is a prickly pear next to the computer.

It has always been believed that cactus that can survive under the scorching sun must have strong radiation protection. However, no research has shown that cactus can reduce electromagnetic radiation.

If the prickly pear in front of the computer is dying, don’t blame computer radiation. Take it outdoors to soak up the sun and water it.

As far as everyone is concerned, the cactus eyes in front of the computer will not be very dry, because green does help to relieve eye strain. Changing the coriander or onion can also achieve the same effect.

Someone has also made sunscreens that protect against radiation. However, sunscreens absorb or scatter solar ultraviolet rays, but they have no effect on the electromagnetic radiation generated by computers.

As for the anti-radiation of Chinese herbal medicine, even the traditional medical believers of the original teachings cannot find the effect of “radiation prevention” on ancient medical books.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone

Cactus can prevent radiation rumors, many people are convinced. /pixel

The lower the intelligence, the greater the radiation

When a woman entered the train station in Guangzhou, she refused to pass her luggage for security checks. The reason was that her bags were fresh vegetables, and the safety check would be detrimental.

After the broadcast of “Cernobyl”, some people began to study how to “exit” the radiation, fearing that the fetus absorbed the radiation in the mother’s body. However, radiation is essentially an energy, leaving the source of radiation, radiation does not exist, it does not remain in the body like taking poison.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone

The disaster of Chernobyl left people with radiation Shadow./unsplash

The Chinese are so blindly afraid of radiation, the essence is still lack of scientific common sense. To this end, the whole society has also made great efforts in propaganda and popularization.

In order to eliminate the public’s concerns, Jiangxi legislation regularly publishes radiation information of electromagnetic base stations. In the face of public concerns about 5G radiation, many experts and institutions have rumored.

Daily Wi-Fi and base stations generate non-ionizing radiation. At the same time, China has strict electromagnetic radiation emission standards, which stipulate that all base stations should not radiate more than 40 microwatts per square centimeter. It can reach 100 microwatts per square centimeter.

The US standard is 600 microwatts per square centimeter. As the most stringent standard in the world, China is 11.25 times to 26.25 times higher than international standards and 5 times higher than most European countries.

The lack of basic common sense is sad, but it is hateful to not promote the popular science, which affects the normal life of others.

Some residents have poured large manure on the base station. Some pregnant women forced the staff to sign a guarantee, and they were responsible for the health problems after the child was born, so as to force the base station to be rebuilt.

You are so afraid of radiation, why not smash your mobile phone< p class="img-desc">Chengdu Huaying Sunshine Community built a new base station, the signal amplification equipment on the roof was artificially destroyed. /Chengdu Business News Client

Does this people not believe in science? It doesn’t seem to be. Common medical methods such as CT and X-ray and security measures produce ionizing radiation. The harm is much higher than that of home appliances, but not many people are suspected.

Behind this dispute is an increasingly complex society. The difference between urban and rural areas and regions, the spewing of knowledge under the simultaneous advancement of several industrial revolution technologies, the huge intergenerational differences caused by historical factors, the stratification of people under the popularization of new technologies… The difference between social stratification and greater is our wisdom. Know the difference.

If you want to accept common sense, you may only need to move with emotion and make sense of it; but it is a big project for a society to turn common sense into a normal state.