This home appliance dealer is a little “missing” and is still hiring.

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Another home appliance dealer

Recently, a number of consumers broke the news to “”. A e-commerce platform called “Extraluxury” does not ship, no refund, contact customer service and responsible person. The e-commerce platform is suspected of “closing down”.

Mr. Duan (pseudonym) from Hebei Province told the “” about his encounter with the Extravagance.
  On June 25th and 26th of this year, Mr. Duan purchased two iPhone Xs Max 256GB mobile phones through the group in the Extraluxic App, and paid a total of 14,476 yuan.
  As a result, the platform was not shipped half a month after the order was placed.

Another home appliance dealer

After Mr. Duan, he consulted the platform online customer service, but the online customer service was an automatic reply and did not respond to Mr. Duan’s appeal.

Unfortunately, Mr. Duan has performed a refund operation.
  On July 18, the online customer service responded that Mr. Duan would be refunded within three working days, but on the date of the agreement, Mr. Duan did not receive the money.
  Subsequently, under Mr. Duan’s repeated urging, the online customer service delayed the refund time on the grounds that “the third-party scalper billed the order and caused the payment to be abnormal”.

Another home appliance dealer

After that, Mr. Duan made another urging, but the online customer service did not respond, and he has not received his refund so far.

“” learned that it was not Mr. Duan who encountered this situation.
  In the Sina Black Cat Complaint Platform, “” saw that many consumers reported that they had encountered special luxury shipping, no refund, no refund, contact with customer service and responsible person.

Another home appliance dealer

A consumer named “User 6196738696” said that it bought a number of Apple phones on the Extralux App, which amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now the seller does not ship, no refund, no reply, no answer. It has been more than a month.
  To the extravagant summary department, the official statement is “the capital chain is broken, there is no money.”
  The bank said that the money has not been recovered from the company account. The police said they could not file a case, and only when they ran away could they file a case.

When you are “lost”, you are hiring

“” learned that Extralux is a 7-year membership discount e-commerce platform. The main business is Shenzhen Huiyi Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 13.34 million yuan, legal representative Chen Xuanyen, founder The chairman of the board of directors is Liang Tao.

Another home appliance dealer

As a membership-based discount e-commerce platform, it is necessary to pay an annual fee of 99 yuan for a member of the extravagant exchange. Compared with ordinary users, the 99 yuan can be enjoyed mainly for product discounts and coupons.
  According to the data provided by the official website, it has reached strategic cooperation with more than 1,600 domestic and foreign high-quality brand merchants, and has more than 90,000 quality products for sale in SKU.
  There are 425 operation centers in 29 provinces across the country. More than 20,000 Maker and APP download users reach 6 million, including over 2 million paid members, 300,000 daily active users, and 30 million monthly water.

In fact, before the consumer encounters the platform for non-delivery and no refund, the extravagant exchange has already fallen into a number of labor contracts and new capital subscription disputes.
  It is understood that Shenzhen Memories Technology Co., Ltd., the main body of the company, has 17 risks and was enforced by the court because it failed to fulfill its legal obligations on time. There are 6 legal proceedings and 9 court announcements.
  Beijing Teweihui Technology Co., Ltd., Jilin Memories Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Extralux Technology Co., Ltd., which invested in it, have successively carried out simple cancellations within six months.
  On May 16 this year, Extralux was listed in the list of executed persons by the People’s Court of Futian District, Shenzhen.

At present, the extravagant exchange is in the “missing”.
  According to the Shenzhen Evening News, the landline telephones of the Extralux Shopping Mall and the official website of Shenzhen Memories Technology Co., Ltd. are not answered, and the Shenzhen Consumer Protection Committee is unable to contact the enterprise.

“” reviews in major app storesAs for the district, as early as the middle of last year, there was a user message saying that the extravagant remittance was not shipped, and the customer service could not be contacted.

Another home appliance dealer

This year
  618, Extraordinary Express issued a notice saying that due to the surge in 3C business volume, some of the positions were exploding, resulting in delays in orders, but guaranteed to deliver the goods to the users as much as possible.

The other home appliance dealer

On July 30th, after the extravagant resale customer service announcement, due to recent changes in shareholder and equity, the mobile phone computer business has problems in shipping and refunding, and has communicated with the consumer representatives, will be divided For the refund, the company legal person and shareholders have raised funds through external relations.
  It is worth noting that Extralux also said that it will prepare to launch the main board in Hong Kong.

Because of the inability to contact the Extravagant Exchange, and the company’s internal situation has not been announced until the end, it is not known about its internal operation.
  However, the above announcement also reflects the emergence of capital chain and internal management issues in Extralux.

And today (August 5th), the official microblog of the extravagant exchange issued a message:
  “Because the company’s internal upgrades optimize traps, the advanced behavior period is internally rectified in January.

Another home appliance dealer

For the problems that consumers have encountered, Extravagance has given a new statement this time.
  Extralux said that due to major internal adjustments, missed costs and business demand, resulting in delayed shipments and delayed refunds for some orders.
  It reiterated that there have been no acts of escaping, hiding, and repaying accounts.
  Extravagant exchange also said that “closing” and “running the road” are untrue statements, and will retain the right to pursue the civil and criminal responsibility of the perpetrator, and carefully remind the public not to try the law.

Another home appliance dealer

Another home appliance dealer

In addition, Extralux also said that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hong Kong-listed Main Board Company and has carried out in-depth brand cooperation with leading merchants, laying a solid foundation for future development.
  Extravagant exchanges are still releasing recruitment requirements at the end, hoping that those who are interested will join the extravagant family.

Membership e-commerce “has a pit”

The extravagant name is “extra luxury”, and it is not aimed at luxury goods. In terms of product types, it is not much different from other social e-commerce companies. SKUs are all food and beverage choices. Goods with higher repurchase rates such as daily chemical products.

In recent years, news about the membership-based e-commerce platform has been heard.
  On the whole, most of the routines they take are based on low prices. By inducing consumers to become annual membership members, they will gather a large amount of funds in a short period of time. For the specific use of funds, consumers are not clear.
  In addition, compared with platform e-commerce, these e-commerce platforms are in a disadvantaged position in the fields of genuine security, logistics, and supply chain. Once there is a problem in the capital chain or supply chain, the damage will be the legitimate legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Some insiders said that in the case of the existence of extra luxury, it is recommended that consumers report the case collectively. Once the case is filed, the police will enter the enterprise investigation.

Mu Yu, a partner of Guangdong Ruiqi Law Firm, said in an interview with the late night that if there is no reasonable reason or no delivery arrangement after negotiation, the merchant may be involved in breach of contract (depending on the agreement between the two parties), consumption The person who failed to receive the goods has the right to claim a refund.

She reminded that the general public should pay attention to the electronic contract when purchasing goods, and retain the credentials, exchange information and payment information in the communication process;
  If there is no refund for the platform without any refund, you can find the platform supervisor to reflect it step by step, or you can ask the competent department to assist in the negotiation and settlement. If the negotiation fails, you can violate the contract and the court will claim that the platform merchant will bear the liability for breach of contract.

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