The new ME II series of conference products, the ES series for the education market, the NE20 package for the price below 5,000 yuan, and the new easy-to-use conference operating system. Around the cloud video product line, Xiaoyu Yilian’s products already cover the traditional enterprise market. , education market and mobile office and other scenarios.

On August 8, 2019, after two years, cloud video company Xiaoyu Yilian held a new product launch conference in Beijing.

5G, under the AI ​​wave, Xiaoyu Yilian wants to transform the cloud video industry with To C.

The new ME II series of conference products, the ES series for the education market, the NE20 package for the price below 5,000 yuan, and the new easy-to-use conference operating system. Around the cloud video product line, the products of Xiaoyu Yilian have been covered. Traditional enterprise market, education market and mobile office.

And just four months ago, Xiaoyu Yilian just announced the hundreds of millions of C rounds of financing led by Tencent. This conference was also the first time that Xiaoyu Yilian exposed its new products after the announcement of a new round of financing.

Compared with the first product launch of Xiaoyu Yilian two years ago, today’s cloud video industry has been overturned. In the remote video conferencing market, cloud video has fully surpassed traditional video. This point, even two years ago, Xiaoyu Yilian CEO Yuan Wenhui was unexpected.

“I still clearly remember that at the first press conference of the 2017 Fish, I quoted third-party data: In 2021, cloud video will fully catch up with traditional video. The result is only two years. Cloud video has fully surpassed the traditional video industry, and the speed is beyond the forecast of the year,” he said.

5G, under the AI ​​wave, Xiaoyu Yilian wants to transform the cloud video industry with To C.

The 2019 Video Conference Industry Deep Research Report released by Shenwan Hongyuan Securities shows that the cost of cloud video is only one tenth (single conference room cost) compared to the traditional private network hardware video conferencing system. . In the era of cloud on all things, cloud video has long been a video conference line.Standard for the industry.

Cloud Video New Products in AI and 4K Times

At today’s press conference, Xiaoyu Yilian released the new ME II series conference products – ME80II, ME60II, ME40II. AI and 4K have become technical keywords for new products.

In the context of declining hardware costs and increased network bandwidth, Xiaoyu Yilian ME II series products support 4K video picture transmission. “4K high-definition, people can be more immersed in the content of the video conference screen.” Yuan Wenhui explained.

The improvement of video quality is the only way for all video conferencing products. The empowerment of AI has made the outside world aware of this ancient industry and is rapidly innovating.

At the press conference, Yuan Wenhui said that the small fish Yilian ME II series conference products introduced AI functions across the board. These products support conference sign-in and e-business card functions based on face recognition, and can realize the functions of meeting minutes and bilingual translation by means of voice recognition and other functions, further improving the work efficiency of video conferencing users.

According to Xiaoyu Yilian engineers, in the specific AI program, the face recognition module of the ME II series conference products is self-developed by Xiaoyu, and the voice recognition module comes from the investor Tencent.

Today, the demand for video conferencing customers is shifting from pure audio and video transmission to a more diverse functional experience. “Once users get used to the AI ​​experience, they will never go back. If the competing products do not have these functions, they may be passed. The integration of AI has raised the technical threshold of cloud video conferencing to a certain extent.” Yuan Wenhui said.

Besides AI and 4K, another highlight of the small fish easy to connect ME II series conference products is the “six-wire” “Multimedia Bus” MB (Mutimedia Bus) technology. With this technology, the complicated wiring of the traditional conference MCU will be eliminated, and the original sound, video, control, signaling, network and power supply can be transmitted in line to achieve six-in-one.

This technology is inseparable from the accumulation of small fish in the field of audio and video decoding and transmission. Nowadays, the audio and video core technology of Xiaoyu Yilian’s new products has been completely autonomous. The main chip and cloud platform have also chosen the national production solution, and introduced the SM4 national secret algorithm as the encrypted transmission solution for cloud video. This also makes small fish popular among customers in the government, finance, education and other industries.

Serve To B customers with To C mentality

What changes will the cloud video industry experience under the wave of new communication technologies such as 5G? This is also a question that all industry practitioners think about together.

In the 5G era, video interconnection scenes will become more abundant. Corporate video conferencing will no longer be limitedIn the traditional conference room scene, it supports more mobile office environments, allowing field staff to directly open video conferences in hotels, transportation and even outdoors. This has also brought new challenges to the cloud video industry.

Taking the ME II series conference products released by Xiaoyu Yilian as an example, the product line has built-in 5G chips and supports 5G network communication. Among them, some products support 5G SIM card in-line use.

In addition, the stability of the network in the mobile office environment will become more complicated. Taking the high-speed rail environment as an example, during the high-speed movement of the train, the passenger’s mobile phone frequently switches the base station, causing the signal to be interrupted. In addition, problems such as delays and packet loss caused by weak network environments such as mountains and tunnels will make video transmission more unstable.

But the stability of video transmission in a high packet loss environment is also one of the unique weapons of Xiaoyu Yilian. According to official data, the video video transmission of Xiaoyu can achieve video without screen loss under 30% packet loss, realize sound recognition under 80% packet loss, and support high-definition image effects with a minimum bandwidth of 512kbps.

“In the network environment where there is a packet loss, the video stability is better than the US emerging cloud video company Zoom.” Yuan Wenhui said. Compared with the United States, China’s current network environment is more complicated, and corporate employees have more field needs. This also makes Xiaoyu Yilian more motivated to improve the stability of cloud video transmission in a weak network environment.

In his view, due to the different business environment between China and the United States, Zoom and Xiaoyu Yilian have been focusing on different business areas – in addition to traditional large-scale government and business users, Zoom focuses on 30 million US At home, the small fish Yilian focuses on China’s emerging small and medium-sized enterprises.

At today’s press conference, Xiaoyu Yilian also released a new product, NE20, which is priced below 5,000 yuan. Obviously, this product is more focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as customers in the education industry in remote areas.

5G, under the AI ​​wave, Xiaoyu Yilian wants to transform the cloud video industry with To C.

In the past, there were few cloud video practitioners entering this price. But the demand for teleconferencing in these SMEs has always existed. But due to cost factors, they often do not use professional cloud video or even hardware-level solutions, but use simple chat software such as QQ or WeChat to achieve simple video conferencing needs.

The emergence of NE20 is expected to fill this market gap. Behind this product, the cloud video industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Large customers in the traditional video conferencing industry, such as transnationalEnterprises, etc., the proportion of overall revenue in the entire industry is shrinking. And emerging small and medium-sized enterprises are beginning to rise.

This also means that the product concept of the entire cloud video industry has also begun to change. For Xiaoyu Yilian, the biggest change may be “to the customers of the To B industry with the attitude of To C”.

“We are a company that serves B-side users. But some of the B-side users we serve need to serve their products directly to C-side users, such as Internet courts, etc.” Fish is easy to connect with product design and introduces the idea of ​​serving C-end users.

Compared with the new generation of cloud video terminals, the MCU terminal of traditional remote video conferencing has extremely low ease of use, and its operation process is complicated and cumbersome, and a large number of wiring seriously affects the neatness and beauty of the conference room, and also reduces the overall system. Expansion ability. However, the operation of the cloud video conferencing terminal has been greatly simplified under the design of the “six-wire” patch cord. “What we have to do is a video conferencing tool that the boss can master.” Yuan Wenhui said.

In addition, Xiaoyu Yilian has introduced a large number of touch-screen operations in the product, and put forward the concept of “1 second joining, 2 seconds meeting, 3 minutes deployment” – users through mobile phones, computers Such as terminal equipment, can achieve scan code “1 second admission”, and send the conference to WeChat, nail, to achieve “2 seconds group meeting”, and with the help of “multimedia bus”, “3 minutes deployment” will also become reality.

“How to build a user experience system like WeChat?” Yuan Wenhui pointed out, “Our transformation of cloud video products comes from the deep thinking of anti-human operation of traditional products. When everyone takes out the mobile phone scan code When you pay, the fish can do the same (scan code entry).”