At the 2008 Spring Festival Evening Party, Huang Hong, who could not prove his identity and let the locksmith Lin Yongjian unlock, smashed the lock with a hammer and took out a certificate about himself, from birth certificate, ID card to motorcycle. Car license, driver’s license, and feelings: “How can people have so many certificates in this life?”

I was still a child, I didn’t realize the anxiety and helplessness of Mr. Huang Hong. Now entering the job, I not only have ID cards, diplomas, real estate licenses, but also rental contracts, procurement contracts, and project contracts. These kinds of certificates and contracts are inevitably plagued by “Where is my card going?” and the pace of work and life is getting faster and faster, whether it is a trip or a sudden business trip. It is inconvenient to carry a necessary document for travel and a contract for business negotiation.

But fortunately, we can reasonably store complicated documents, and we can electronically import these documents into imported bags. So what should we do? Look down and you will know!

Lazy Diary

  • Classify management to keep your documents organized
  • Documentation, build an electronic archive
  • Electronic documents are the next stage of development

Classify management to keep your documents organized

Documents and contracts are not only numerous but also very important. Organizing documents and documents is a work that we all have to do.

In fact, organizing these documents is not that complicated, just three steps is enough. First of all, you must first classify your documents and make the documents more planned.Example:

Of course, classification is not the only way, company, individual, family; 2017, 2018, 2019; you can classify according to your preferences. After classifying the class, we can go to the second step and organize the documentation.

When organizing your document, it is highly recommended to put all kinds of documents in a dedicated space. Some documents that are used less frequently, such as marriage certificates, real estate licenses, birth certificates, etc., we can free up a dedicated drawer to put them together; and more commonly used documents, such as project contracts, labor contracts, etc., we not only You can buy an organ folder to save them in different categories; the most commonly used ID card, driver’s license, etc., we need to carry it with you.

After putting the documents in different categories, the next question arises: Although I have sorted out the documents, the various documents are still stored in several places. The documents are only guaranteed to be lost, but there is no guarantee. Find it anytime, this is our third step: build a schedule.

Organize a form and sort out the documents. When you use them, look for the corresponding form.

On the phone, there are also a lot of apps that can help us to record the location of things, such as “Finishing Cats.” “Finishing Cats” supports iOS platform, open the app, click “+” in the upper right corner, you can enter the add-on interface, enter relevant information, and successfully enter a message.

When you need to find a document, click on the magnifying glass in the upper left corner to find it and quickly locate the one you are looking for.

Of course, the function of “Finishing Cats” is not only to sort out the documents, but also to record some unusable items into the app. This is another topic.

Documents, build an electronic archive

In addition to the ID card, pass, etc., the original document must be used. Many documents and documents use electronic drafts or copies. Therefore, after sorting all kinds of documents, we can also use the app to scan the documents into electronic versions. – The method of sorting and sorting is consistent with the above, and in the step of creating the schedule, we use the app to electronically document the document.

The first thing to recommend is the Memo that comes with the iPhone. Create a new memo, enter the name and location of the document you want to enter, click the Camera icon below, and select Scan Document. After the scan is successful, you will Completed the entry of a document, not only the electronic version of the document, but also the location where the physical file is stored.

At this point, you can locate the document by typing the name of the file you want to find in the search box above.

In the Memo, we can also click on the scanned certificate and export it to PDF format for printing and sharing.

In addition to the Memo that comes with the phone, there are some apps that can help us achieve similar functionality. In “White”, click on the “Camera” icon in the middle to enter the recognition document interface.

▲ Support iOS, Android dual platform.

After identification is saved, left strokeThe identified content can be moved into the corresponding category.

At the same time, as an OCR software, “White Painting” can also accurately identify the content in the document and generate documents for sharing.

Whether it is “white drawing” or the “memorandum” that comes with the mobile phone, the work they do is actually “scanning → recognition → saving”, so the app with this function can help us complete the electronic document. jobs. We canCreate notes in Evernote to identify scanned documents; use Scanbot to automatically capture and recognize text.

▲ Support iOS, Android dual platform

“Scan” is an excellent OCR software, and “Impressions” is an excellent note app. Take “Scanbot” as an example. The annual fee is 153 yuan. If you only use it for electronic documents, Something wasted. So don’t worry about what kind of app to use, as long as you have the function of “scanning → identifying → saving”, you can realize the electronic ID. The app is just a tool. Even if it comes with the “memorandum”, you can sort it out.

Electronic documents are the next stage of development

In 2017, more than 1.31 billion electronic invoices were issued nationwide. In December 2017, WeChat launched its ID card, and in April 2018, Alipay’s “electronic ID card” was quickly picked up by brushing the face. . Although there are more functional and geographical restrictions, this is an attempt to electronically digitize documents.

In April of this year, Hunan Province began to promote the electronic driver’s license, and it is common in the province. We are one step closer to the electronicization of documents.

In the earliest publicity of smartphones, features such as phone, camera, game console, and mp3 are the most prominent features of mobile phones. And our road to “subtraction to life” has not stopped, more and more membership cards,The bus card is just a QR code in the mobile phone. More and more access control and bank cards can be realized by the NFC function of the mobile phone.

But everything has two sides. In addition to the convenience and forgery of electronic documents, the cost of losing a mobile phone has become even greater. The re-issuing process for e-documents may also be more cumbersome – now the bus card and access card that are implemented using the NFC function are all gone.

Dematerialization and integration of documents and documents is a trend and a trend. Or in the near future, the contracts and invoices used in the work will only use electronic documents, and it is our own to prove our identity.