From maternity to pregnancy, postpartum conditioning, pediatric whole process

It is reported that high-end women and children clinic “Noah Medical” < /a> announced that it has obtained tens of millions of yuan of round A financing, and this round of investment is the investment of the company. This round of funding will be used to upgrade the Noah cloud system, expand the outpatient layout, introduce talents and improve the overall team capacity.

At present, there are more than 20 million pairs of fertility needs in China every year. If the cost of each couple is 1,500 yuan, the potential market for pregnancy is more than 30 billion yuan. In addition, the infertility rate in China is 12.5-15%. About 60% of couples will choose assisted reproduction, with a per capita surgery of 40,000 yuan, the potential of the auxiliary reproductive market is more than 54 billion yuan; as for pregnancy and postpartum, the overall market size in 2017 has exceeded 14 million yuan. In general, the market for women and children has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

Noah Medical is a private medical service for women and children. It provides daily treatment for children with common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and child health services for children aged 0-18. It also provides pregnancy, pre-pregnancy check and post-natal care for women. , gynecological diseases and other services, the department covers pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, general, ultrasound and dental.

High-end women's and children's clinics over 100 billion markets,

Noah Medical

For women and children, the pain point is that the traditional outpatients are full of people, waiting for a long time, the environment is crowded, doctors are few, and it is difficult to see a doctor. The problem of imbalance between supply and demand has given high-end women and children a chance to develop. For women and children, the key is to achieve standardization and professionalism of services. If the outpatient clinic layout is expanded, it is also a problem to be considered by women and children.

In the early days of Noah Medical, the main product was the “High-end Maternity Package”. With the development of the business, Noah Medical recognizes the user’s demand for pregnancy and postpartum conditioning, thus expanding the scope of services and providing services covering the entire process of female birth, extending the “pregnancy plate, pregnancy test plate, postpartum plate, female endocrine” Plate”.

The company believes that its core features are the following services: pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy gynecological examination, fetal malformation ultrasound screening, fetal heart malformation ultrasound screening, child health ultrasound screening, ultrasound consultation of difficult cases of maternal and child, and Other ultrasound projects that customers need can be provided.

Noah Medical’s core team of doctors, from top three hospital experts and foreign experts. Most of the doctor team is graduated fromDoctoral and master’s degrees in medical universities such as Guangzhou Medical University and Zhongshan Medical University.

The company was founded in Guangzhou in 2016 and has opened nearly 10 outpatient departments in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhuhai and Shenzhen.