Ali is good at making festivals, and double 11 is the best example. On August 8th, the day of the Chinese people’s eyes symbolizing good intentions has now become Ali’s membership festival.

If you have not bought Ali’s 88VIP member, open Taobao or Tmall between August 6th and August 9th, you will receive a promotional reminder, telling you that even if the naughty value is less than 1000, you only need 288 yuan. You can buy 88VIP that originally cost 888 yuan.

August 8th, a year ago, Alibaba officially launched its own membership system “88VIP”. Although it is a few years behind the competition, it has a strong accumulation. This eco-membership system, which spans eating, playing, listening, watching, and buying several major life scenes, and integrating Ali’s products, has refreshed people’s perception of paid members. It is difficult for you to find reference objects in the market. Then, one year has passed, what kind of achievements have you handed over to Ali’s internal project as the “No. 1 Project”?

For the user, there is nothing more enjoyable than saving money. In the past year, 88VIP saved an average of 1,230 yuan for each consumer, saving billions of dollars for the nation’s consumers. The highest user saved 5,868.75 yuan through 88VIP, and the most cost-saving area was Shanghai. The amount exceeds 500 million.

In the new year, 88VIP has undergone a major upgrade in terms of equity:

  • The discount range is wider–Tmall Supermarket, Tmall International Direct, Taobao, Ali Health, Charisma Hui and Tmall Luxury, 95% off, 95% off the number of brands increased from 88 to 388;
  • Ecology members added Feifei and Aikang Guobin, 88VIP users can receive the international ticket hotel red envelope of Feifei, directly become the Marriott Gold Card, and 8 nights of Platinum can be said to be the lowest access method for Marriott Platinum in China.

Accounting for the original shrimp, hungry, Youku members, Taobao tickets, Tmall coupons, that is, the value of the official claim is not used, it is still very easy to return, it seems that Ali seems to have done a “Loss earned”Drinking” business.

88 yuan membership fee is not the purpose, the user behind 88VIP is

Compared with other paid members on the market, the price of 88VIP is not high, but it is the only paid member with a threshold. Only when the naughty value reaches 1000, it is eligible to join the meeting with 88 yuan, which can also be roughly outlined. 88VIP user portrait: high activity, high purchasing power, this is clearly the new middle-class people who are the favorite of the merchants.

According to 88VIP executive Xiu Yan, 88VIP users have a monthly high-quality evaluation of more than 100 million, the customer price is twice that of ordinary users, and the number of purchased items is more than 6 times that of the latter.

The Internet Zero Food Brand, which enjoys the early demographic dividends of online shopping, is also one of the earliest beneficiaries of 88VIP. Since becoming the 88VIP cooperative brand, the sales of high-value users of three squirrels have increased to 6%, and the price of snacks has increased. 36%, the repurchase rate also hit a new high.

The imported dairy brand New Zealand said that more than 90% of its consumers in the Tmall flagship store are 88VIP, which contributes 59% of consumption.

Even like MarriottSuch a multinational giant, in the two years of cooperation with Flying Pig, has also tripled the transaction volume of its Tmall flagship store, and has acquired more than 6.2 million new members through Flying Pig and 88VIP.

With such a high conversion rate and customer unit price, what about the profit 5%?

Cooperative brands are still the same, and the products within Ali Eco have benefited a lot. According to Ali, 38 of the 100 88VIP members have been converted into Youku members, 32 have been hungry, and 27 are Taobao members. The price of 88VIP users is also higher than that of ordinary users. 30% or so.

▲ On the evening of August 8th, Ali held a “Pet Your Unlimited” concert for 88 members in Shanghai. Image from: Alibaba

This group of users not only has high spending power, but also always walks in the forefront of the trend. The popular single items may have been reflected in the consumption of 88VIP users a year ago. This is for companies to judge consumption trends and new products. It is also a very valuable reference. Therefore, the diversion is only the initial manifestation of the value of the business of 88VIP, or the basic operation, the refined operation brought by the ecological and data access is the key to sustainable development.

Whether it is 88 yuan or 288 yuan, Xiu Yan stressed that Ali does not regard 88VIP as a large promotion or one-time liveIt has a long-term plan of 5 to 10 years. “We have prepared sufficient human and material resources.” This decade of patience and capital strength, as well as the ecology of years of continuous integration, is exactly 88VIP differs from the strengths and barriers of other membership systems.

The title map is from: Alibaba