The company once completed the A++ round of financing exceeding 100 million yuan in the first half of 2020.

It was learned that Changsha Intelligent Driving Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xidi Intelligent Driving”) announced the completion of 400 million yuan in financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Yuelu Zhixin and Xinding Capital, followed by Qinghao Capital, Hunan Yunfa and other institutions, and old shareholder Fangzheng Hesheng made additional investment.

Xidi Zhijia was established in October 2017. It was co-founded by Professor Li Zexiang, a well-known entrepreneurial mentor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and well-known expert Dr. Ma Wei, to develop intelligent driving commercial vehicles and related technology products that can be implemented, combined with “bicycle intelligence” And “vehicle-road synergy” two major programs. In contrast, most autonomous driving companies on the market follow the “single-vehicle intelligence” route, and a few follow the “vehicle-road coordination” route.

Xidi Zhijia completed its first round of financing in February 2018. The lead investors are Sequoia Capital (China) and Everbright Holdings. The co-investors include Lenovo Star, Baidu Ventures, Clearwater Bay Hong Kong Ventures, Lens Technology, Hangsheng Electronics. In addition, the company has completed an A++ round of financing of more than 100 million yuan in the first half of 2020.

Currently, Xidi Smart Driving has launched smart driving products in mines, parks, urban public travel, digital transportation and other scenarios.

In 2019, the smart heavy truck jointly developed by Xidi Zhijia and Foton Daimler completed the road test license assessment for smart connected vehicles in the National Intelligent Connected Vehicles (Changsha) test area, and passed 41 full-scene subject evaluation tests. And obtained the open road test license for intelligent networked vehicles issued by the Changsha Municipal Government.

In 2020, Xidi Smart Drive launched the “Active Bus Priority System”, a large-scale commercial application for vehicle-road collaboration in Changsha, and completed 78 public transportation in Changsha. The intelligent modification of more than 2,000 buses on the route; in September last year, Xidi Zhijia released a commercial vehicle automatic driving mass production solution based on Huawei MDC. According to the official introduction, the solution has realized the landing of smart heavy truck scenes, and realizes the functions of precise parking, loading and unloading, high-speed entry and exit, driving at speeds below 100km/h, high-speed formation, overpass and tunnel traffic in the park and high-speed scenes; in addition, Xidizhi Driving also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor to realize complementary advantages, technological co-fusion, and resource sharing in technology, and jointly develop smart heavy trucks.

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