Shenran (shenrancaijing) original, of: Dawn, Tangya Hua, Jin Yu Fan, Wei Jie, Zhou Jifeng, SU Qi, Li Qiuhan, Editor: Wei Jia, head of FIG. Source: IC photo

There is still half a month away for the Spring Festival. The workers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have started to discuss two topics. One is that Spring Energy Saving cannot return to their hometown, and the other is whether there is a year-end bonus this year.

As the epidemic reappeared, some people began to figure out that this year, it is estimated that they will not be able to return to their hometown. With half a month left to work, they will count on the year-end bonus.

However, for some people, the hometown cannot be returned, and the year-end bonus may be gone.

Some companies use the opportunity of not issuing year-end bonuses to lay off employees in disguise due to poor business conditions; some company bosses are ready to run away, not to mention giving employees year-end bonuses; some people have not received year-end bonuses for two years. It has been calm; some people not only don’t have a year-end bonus, but their workload has doubled. They cannot go home during the Spring Festival and feel very frustrated.

The year-end bonus is comparable to a barometer of the company’s operating conditions, and it also reflects whether the boss is generous and whether the company’s incentive system is reasonable. For employees, whether there is a year-end bonus will not only affect personal income, but also affect work motivation.

Shen Ran chatted with seven Internet people. The following is the story of their year-end awards.

Not issuing year-end awards is a way for the company to lay off employees in disguised form

An Yu| 30-year-old employee of an Internet finance company

This is the second year we have not issued year-end awards.

I came to the company in 2015. In the past few years, the industry developed rapidly and the company’s performance was good. I remember that when I first joined the company, it was at a time when Internet finance was hot. The company was particularly rich. In the first two years, it burned more than 7 billion yuan to invest in new investment.

Our salary is also higher than that of other companies in the same industry, and the benefits are also good. Generally, we can get a three-month year-end bonus. I was able to get about 100,000 yuan a few years ago. The bosses have to send hundreds of thousands of red envelopes at the annual meeting, and each can grab thousands of dollars.

By 2019, as the financial industry’s supervision becomes stricter, P2P businesses will be cleared, many businesses cannot be carried out, and the company’s business will be greatly affected