From the blue ocean to the Red Sea.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Prisma” (ID: engjing_qqfinance) , author Li Wei, editor Yang Wei.

New power brewing: the same wine, different gameplay

On August 14th, 2019, there was a beautiful blue bottle of white wine. The sauce was sold for 999 yuan and the fragrance was 799 yuan. It was used on Xiaomi’s products (the mill’s e-commerce platform). In the 6 days crowdfunding 5 million. It is the entrepreneurial business of the Internet giant Liu Fei, who has a small reputation in the liquor industry in the past year. This time, he is pushing a new high-end liquor product.

He is not the first Internet person to join the liquor circle.

In 2015, Zhang Chuanzong, who worked in Lenovo for 15 years, came out to start a business, and set up a collection of Weifang in the form of crowdfunding. He pulled on the former boss and executive vice president of Lenovo Group Liu Jun as chairman and went to Maotai Town. Sauce wine.

When the liquor industry is hot, there is an influx of foreign capital. According to the “Report on Consumption Data of 2018 Tmall Wine and Waterline”, the trend of young people drinking online drinks is obvious. After 90s and 95s, the proportion of online drink consumption has increased significantly. Different from the older generation of consumers, the young group pursues diversification, personalization, convenience, and innovation, and is more willing to try and create different drinking experiences.

This gives the latecomer the opportunity to the traditional white wine industry in Nuggets – or those in Dianchi, or those wines, but the industry and the gameplay have changed.


When Liu Fei ran back to Chengdu from Beijing at the end of 2017, the second child was about to be born; he worked in Xiaomi for 6 years and was the director of public relations. At that time, there was more than half a year since the listing of Xiaomi; before that, he I never thought about starting my own business.

“(At that time) the economic environment is very bad, there is no capital, no good projects, no support. This time, starting a business, is equivalent to his own ‘suicide entrepreneurship’.” Liu Fei recalled the “Prism”.

The reason is this, but the motivation to start a business is the same. “I found that there is no such thing as a job in Xiaomi that I can be familiar with. I suddenly have to face this kind of change and I don’t want to mix my days. I have to Consider leaving this