Problem description: Hello doctor! Leucorrhea peculiar smell Cervical erosion, cervical erosion is close to third degree, I have athlete’s foot, I don’t know if it is fungal vaginitis or trichomonal vaginitis. I have been using vaginal medicine for three months (just three months to today). I didn’t sleep in the same bed during the medication. I wonder if the cervical erosion and vaginitis are healed? I would like to consult a doctor. It has been only three months since the vaginal medicine has been applied. Recently, cervical erosion must be much better than before. I want to go to the Fourth Hospital of Shijiazhuang to check to see if the cervical erosion is better. I don’t know when it is appropriate? Would you like to go there in a while, or in the near future, want to consult a doctor?
Question date:2020-10-27
Patient information:Age: 30 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, according to your current description, if you have cervical erosion and vaginitis, the drug has just been stopped.
Guiding suggestion: You can wait three days after stopping the drug to go to the hospital for a review, you can do a routine laboratory test for leucorrhea to see if the vaginitis has been cured, and ask the doctor to do a gynecological examination and observe Let’s take a look at the recovery of cervical erosion.
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