Which two parts can the cervix be divided into< /p>

Many female friends are familiar with the word uterus, but they don’t know much about the uterus, except for knowing that the uterus can support embryos and give birth to illness. , Almost nothing else is known. The uterus is a very important organ in the female body, and the cervix is ​​also the same. So, which two parts can the cervix be divided into?

The cervix is ​​composed of the cervix of the vagina and the cervix on the fornix of the vagina, which means that part of the cervix is ​​inside the vagina. This part of the cervix can be touched by palpation when pregnant women undergo related examinations. The cervix on the vaginal vault is the opposite, which cannot be directly observed in the depths of the female body.

The cervix is ​​of great significance to women’s birth and menstrual cramps. It is an important part of the uterus, because the part is inside the vagina, and the vagina is opposite It is not a sealed environment, it is easy to cause bacterial infection and affect the cervix, so in daily life, women must pay attention to the hygiene of their private parts.

For the health of the body, women must pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus. In daily life, do not eat raw or cold food, especially fruit drinks taken out of the refrigerator. You must not eat it immediately. You can leave it on the table for a period of time and wait for it to become normal temperature before taking it in, so as not to cause palace cold and aggravate it. Abdominal pain during menstruation.