Problem description: Hello doctor, I have had more than ten days. My face is red and hot at four or five o’clock every afternoon, and the symptoms disappear after about one or two hours. I lie in bed at night and my face feels a little hot. , Normal body temperature
Question date:2020-10-28
Patient information:Age: 47 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis: Hello, this situation depends on whether there are other uncomfortable symptoms besides the infrared ray on the face. If there are no symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection and the body temperature is normal, respiratory diseases are generally not considered. Appears every afternoon, first of all to see if blood pressure is normal. Then there is whether there are other incentives, such as specific dietary drinks, or specific drugs.
Guidelines: It is recommended to monitor blood pressure to see how much blood pressure is in the morning and evening. The main reason is to look at the accompanying symptoms. Simple redness makes it difficult to diagnose a specific disease, and the accompanying symptoms. It is helpful for accurate positioning and rapid judgment. Only after the diagnosis is clear, can targeted treatment be possible.
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