Problem description: My mother was 67 years old and had superficial gastritis. It has been almost a year since she just started eating and she can’t eat it. She has been eating milk-soaked rice all the time, often accompanied by her being unable to eat it. I resisted it inside, and vomited, vomited, and mucus after eating a meal these days. What is the situation? Ask the doctor to analyze the condition.
Question date:2020-11-10
Patient information:Age: 67 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, I don’t know when was the last time the gastroscope was checked? If it is a long time away, it is best to check the gastroscope again. In addition, it is also necessary to rule out the presence of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases.
Guide and suggestion: It is recommended to further check liver function, hepatobiliary and pancreatic color Doppler ultrasound, blood routine, and recheck gastroscope if necessary. After the diagnosis is confirmed, further treatment will be done. At present, she will not eat for the time being. If necessary, she will go to the hospital for infusion to supplement nutrition and energy.
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