Problem description: Occasionally, I can feel my heartbeat and feel flustered, usually early in the morning, and then I have an electrocardiogram, which is said to be an occasional ventricular premature contraction. Then I did an intracardiac color Doppler ultrasound in the cardiology department. The results of the Holter ECG are as follows. Is this serious? What kind of disease is it? How to treat it?
Date of the problem: 2020-11-11
Patient information:Age: 22 years old, Gender: Male
Problem analysis:Hello, see your test results suggest frequent premature beats, which is abnormal heart rhythm which performed. If there is no difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, or chest pain, then it is not a big problem.
Guidance suggestion: You now occasionally have palpitations and palpitation, which require oral medication to regulate the heart rhythm. It is recommended not to exercise vigorously.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection