Problem description: My friend had a physical examination in the hospital some time ago. The doctor said that he had knee spurs and did not want to go to the hospital for surgery. Can the knee spurs heal itself?
Question date:2020-10-26
Patient information: Age: 49 Gender: Female
Bone spurs in the knee joint are a kind of Compensatory osseous hyperplasia, with the growth of the year or when the knee joint is severely injured, there will be joint degeneration, which is manifested by obvious damage to the articular cartilage.
Bone spurs cannot heal themselves. Bone spurs are osteophytes formed due to long-term and slow stimulation. They are very hard in texture and will not heal themselves once they grow. Bone spurs are common in the vertebral body, knee joints, ankle joints and other long-term weight-bearing parts. Although the symptoms of bone spurs can disappear after treatment, the bone spurs cannot disappear without surgical removal, so the bone spurs cannot heal themselves. If the bone spurs have a very obvious adverse effect on daily life, you can consider surgical removal. If the symptoms are still mild, conservative treatment can be performed.
It is recommended to take oral painkillers or middle-quality drugs to relieve the pain of bone spurs. If the bone spur of the knee joint is very severe, joint replacement surgery can be performed.
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