Problem description: Hello, my mother is 80 years old this year. She accidentally fell down on June 4, lying on the ground, her face on her side, and she was unconscious at the shoulder and below, so she was sent to the hospital for examination. Later, he was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis and compression of nerves, and surgery was performed the next day. My recovery is pretty good now. I can sit up on the bed by myself, my limbs recover most of my functions, I can eat with a spoon, my fingers are not very flexible, and I can stand on the shelf for more than 10 minutes. The biggest problem now is the cramps in the waist and legs from time to time, especially when I urinate, I can’t solve the cramps directly, sometimes causing the urine to be insoluble in the urinary tube. Now I am eating calcium tablets. How can I treat cramps? Thank you
Question date:2020-11-23
Patient information:Age: 80 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis :Hello, according to your description, there are many reasons for cramps. Do blood calcium test, low blood calcium, give calcium gluconate infusion treatment, and get more sun.
Guide and suggestion: Secondly, exclude whether it is caused by epileptic seizures? Neurosurgery visits. Epilepsy is controlled and treated with anti-epileptic drugs.
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