Problem description: Result: Ultrasonography of double breast lobular hyperplasia. Right breast cyst, BI-RADS2 category. Right breast nodule, BI-RADS4a category. The hypoechoic area of ​​the double breast, BI-RADS4a category, the nature is to be determined, it is recommended to be further checked by the specialist.
Question date:2020-11-23
Patient information:Age: 86 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, the main consideration is caused by breast disease.
Guiding suggestions: This kind of disease is more serious, and it is generally recommended to further check to determine the nature of the symptomatic treatment , It is best to determine the nature, if it is serious, surgery is usually needed for treatment
Suggestions are for reference only, please go to the hospital for detailed examination if the problem is serious