Problem description: Two years ago, the child nodded a bit, blinked, and his nose and mouth were a little warped. He took him to the hospital for an MRI. Nothing was wrong, but he had rhinitis and prescribed medicine. After a while, it will be fine. If you have a cold, you will relapse. From last winter to the first half of this year, it got a little worse. Take him to see a Chinese medicine doctor. After taking Chinese medicine, he is better. Summer is basically better. Once the beginning of autumn, The weather became cold and there was a recurrence. This period of time is more serious. Now it is mainly Sang Zi, um, rotten nose, um, um, with the whole body moving. The doctor said it was for the treatment of tics.
Date of problem: 2020-12-03
Patient information:Age: 11 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis: Hello, according to your The situation described, usually communicate with the child more often.
Guide and suggestion: Don’t make noise, blame the child and encourage more. Behavioural therapy psychotherapy is possible, and usually take the child to do parent-child activities. Listen to your children’s thoughts and opinions.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection