Problem description: I have a fever of 37-38 degrees for two consecutive days, and I can only maintain it to 36 degrees by taking anti-fever medicines. Today is the second day of the fever. I have a few on my face and head. Bao, some itchy and painful, and there are a few sporadic cases on the back and legs. I have had chickenpox before, and I don’t have a cough or runny nose, but I have a headache and weakness.
Problem date:2020- 12-03
Patient information:Age: 19 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, consider it to be a virus Or caused by bacterial infection.
Guide and suggestion: Drink more hot water, sweating will help reduce the fever, pay more attention to the body temperature, check the blood routine if repeated fever does not go away, and usually get more sun to enhance immunity.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection