From Porsche’s first pure electric car Taycan has not had much time in the world. At the time of the 15th countdown, Porsche has spoiled the Taycan interior in advance, making it a new car.

After all, it is the first electric car of its kind, and Porsche has high hopes for Taycan, which is the initiator of the new era. Taking this as a guiding ideology, in the interior design, Porsche hopes to break through the innovation, but stick to its duty. For the long-established Porsche, change and change are a balanced art.

Based on the original 911 of 1963, Porsche designers sketched out the interior of Taycan today, which is a consistent approach to Porsche design, so that people often laugh: Porsche designers are always lazy.

But today’s Taycan is refreshing enough, and the interior design of the new car maintains a great similarity to the Mission E concept car of the year.

Sit in the Taycan’s car, even if you block the logo, you can recognize it as a Porsche at a glance.

Typical elements have two:

1. The dashboard is always at the top of the dashboard;
2, sitting is always low and sporty.

In short, all of Porsche’s cockpit designs need to be driver-centric and try to get drivers to focus more on driving.

To achieve the above two points, the designer has to work hard on two aspects:

1. Place the meter at the highest point of the dashboard;
2. The center console is tilted enough.

Drawing the dragon and drawing the bones first, the two typical Porsche designs set the Taycan interior frame, and then the details are considered. In particular, the four-screen design makes this electric beast at the moment, both Porsche and Porsche.

Before speaking, the main instrument, the classic circular combination meter is given the brilliance of modern technology, and the 16.8-inch curved display is more in line with Taycan’s electrical digital identity. The element has been rounded, but the instrument cover on the top is removed, and the technology gives this new instrument more display.

The physical and mechanical instruments of passion are of great enthusiasm, but the ever-changing LCD meters are equally exciting.

Porsche offers four display modes for the meter:

1, the classic mode (power meter) uses Porsche’s typical circular instrument style, concise presentation form for the driver to quickly read information. The central power meter replaces the tachometer.

2. Map mode replaces the central power meter with a map.

3. The full map mode cancels the circular meter and replaces it with a full-screen navigation map.

4. The Pure (Lite) mode only displays the most basic driving information such as speed, road signs and navigation commands (shown with the simplest arrows).

Line of sight panning, centered is a 10.9-inch central control large screen,

It is understood that all of Taycan’s vehicle settings can be directly completed through this large screen, even including active suspension control. The function layout and menu level of the big screen are fairly clear, and the owner can personalize it.

With the home screen, drivers can quickly access navigation, phone, media, comfort features and Porsche Connect applications, whether by voice or touch.

On the Taycan, if you don’t pick up your wallet, you can even choose a separate 10.9-inch display for the first officer, such as setting up navigation and music, so you don’t have to bother the driver.

In addition to the vertical screen of the instrument panel, the hidden center console also hides the mystery. Here, the 8.4-inch screen with tactile feedback is integrated, and the upper and lower parts are clearly defined, which serve as air conditioning settings and touch handwriting tasks.

The traditional controls such as the physical switch button of the whole vehicle have been significantly reduced. Most of the “嗨, Porsche” can solve most of the demand, but for the Chinese market with rich dialects, the localization of Taycan speech recognition is done. How is it still to be tested?

Be careful, you may have found out that the classic block is gone, and the shifting mechanism is hard to trace. In fact, Porsche replaced the selector lever with a compact selector switch on the dashboard, which was very clever. No old driver reminded, it is necessary to find a good meal.

Changes have also changed. For example, the classic Porsche left-hand ignition switch of the fuel version is still retained on a pure electric vehicle. Although the mechanical meaning of the electric vehicle is not significant, the tradition is traditional.

In addition, you will find that Taycan continues to use the three steering wheels of the 911. There are basic models and GT models. The latter has an exposed screw head decoration. The circular mode selector switch on the lower right is still eye-catching. Switch in driving mode.

After all that is visible, you can’t see the details of the changes. Like the Tesla Model 3, the air conditioning vents in the Taycan’s car eliminate the internal mechanical grille, and the airflow direction is fully digitally adjusted for complete electronic control.

You can choose between two modes according to your preferences: the “Focused” mode for blowing high-speed directional cold air and the “Diffused” mode for airless air conditioning. Optional four-zone climate control can be controlled via the rear 5.9-inch touch screen.

No options are not Porsche, this is the number that Taycan can’t escape.

Deep breath…

First talk about color matching. This time Taycan’s so-called exclusive interior colors are black and limestone beige two-tone interior, blackberry, Atacama beige, and Meren brown.

The optional interior components are available in black, dark silver or champagne enamel grey for a special contrast in multiple areas of the interior. Wood doors, matte carbon fiber surfaces, deep embossed aluminum or fabric can also be used for the doors and center console.

Materials, you can choose between classic leather and eco-friendly new leather (OLEA) made from olive leaf.

The official said that the natural texture of the leather and the special moiré pattern are perfect, and the leather can be chosen for the moiré pattern.

If you’re an environmentalist, Porsche offers the first time on the Taycan that it doesn’t use leather at all, specifically the combination of Race-Tex and non-leather.

Science, Race-Tex is a microfibre material containing recycled polyester fiber that produces 80% less carbon dioxide than conventional materials. The floor mat is made of recycled fiber “Econyl®”, which is mainly produced from recycled fishnets and other materials.

About Taycan’s publicly available information can only be said to do so. The performance, charging, and so on that everyone care about are only fully revealed on September 4th. Dong Chehui met Taycan in close proximity this week and spent a full day understanding the information about this car. Now I can only say one thing: Porsche is not looking forward to it!