When organizations can do this, our world will be better.

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Notesman” (ID: Notesman), author: Ran Tao.

Guests of this live broadcast: Ran Tao, former head of Huawei’s global recruitment, senior human resource management expert, author of the best-selling book “Huawei Gray Management Method”, and founder of Baisen Intelligent Investment.

1. Only by activating cadres can we break the game

Two years ago, Huawei began to be suppressed by the United States. In this external environment, the internal challenges for Huawei are even greater.

When the crisis comes, the internal team is very important. Stalin has a famous saying: The fortresses are all breached from within.

The more the crisis is, the more it is necessary to build its strong internal genes to counter external uncertainties.

Huawei has nearly 200,000 employees, among which there are 40,000 to 50,000 foreign employees. How can these people believe in Huawei’s tomorrow? I believe that this problem will be in the hearts of all Huawei people.

What is a leader?

The leader is someone who brings faith to everyone in the dark, and takes everyone out of the darkness in the stars.

How to do it? Only by seizing the ranks of cadres can we lead these tens of thousands of people forward.

Ren Zhengfei has a saying: Stars don’t ask travellers.

Huawei’s future business will face enormous challenges. Not only will revenue decline, but it will also face the switch of the track. Operators’ equipment and mobile phone businesses have all suffered severe blows. Where is the next growth point?

Under pressure, Huawei also has a strategy to deal with it. The commercial environment of 5G has been set up, but how Huawei will implement it in various industries, we have expectations and doubts.

Grasping cadres and promoting cadre reform is the only way to break the situation.

1. In the face of difficulties, Huawei has reactivated its cadres

Not long ago, Ren Zhengfei delivered a speech at Huawei’s internal cadre management meeting, proposing that Huawei will take 3-5 years to make a major rectification of the cadre team and use the certainty of cadre activation to respond to environmental and business changes. Uncertainty.

MasterFive points to be said:

First, continue to optimize the cadre selection and appointment mechanism.

Optimize the selection criteria and inspection methods, and gradually implement the resume system, so that cadres who meet the resume requirements have priority evaluation and selection opportunities, and clarify the key qualifications and cadre growth paths.

The cadres must not only have actual combat experience, but also have actual success experience. This is what is often said that “the fierce generals start from the army, the prime ministers start from the state and county”.

Secondly, continue to focus on people in key positions and build a thick echelon of cadres.

Guarantees public use of cadres, and solves the problem of cadre mobility in several key scenarios such as the flow of R&D and non-R&D, and cross-regional mobility.

There are two points to note: First, the cadre group is very large, and we must focus on key cadres; second, to realize the flow of cadres between R&D and non-R&D, and between regions.

Thirdly, promote the professionalization of cadres and improve the ability of on-the-job cadres to perform their duties. This is the “being in its place, seeking its government” in the fourth-floor station.

Fourth, cadres can be promoted and dismissed, and they must be normalized to promote the metabolism of cadres and maintain the overall vitality of cadres.

Fifth, optimize and consolidate the operation of AT (administrator teams, ), and roll forward the reorganization of AT.

Not only must the cadres be prepared for danger in times of peace, but also to break the deadlock and train a team capable of fighting. Don’t let go, must gather momentum and move forward courageously. This article can be said that Huawei sounded the clarion call for the charge.

2. Three steps of cadre activation

A essay alone cannot activate a cadre. In Huawei, the human resources department also needs to disassemble it into actions and turn them into processes and actions. The usual cadre activation has several steps:

The first step is to evaluate and identify the existing cadre team.

The activation of cadres requires not only evaluation of their success or incompetence, but also their level of activity.

If the potential is good, give the opportunity to exercise, or use rotation to exercise; if the cadre is not competent but motivated, they cannot be placed in this position; the cadre can be competent in the post, but cannot do it yet To excellence.

The second step is to implement cadre activation.

After identifying the cadre’s abilities, measures such as promotion, exercise, rotation, and dismissal are usually used to activate the cadres.Ministry, if the ability is really too poor, it will be eliminated and expelled.

The third step is to check the cadre activation measures.

After half a year of adjusting the cadres, go back to see if the results of the adjustments have made the organization better, in order to test the effect of activation.

Two. “Four Four Five” Talent Model

People with low quality have lower self-awareness, while people with reflective ability will be more objective.

The employment standards of an enterprise are related to the pursuit of entrepreneurs. Those who pursue the ultimate must be the first in the subdivisions of this industry.

McKinsey & Consulting is the best consulting organization in the world, and its top consultants also have their own standards:

First, we must be smart. Consultants help clients find and solve problems. Not smart is not enough;

Second, to be able to be extremely persistent. Many consultants are smart and have high emotional intelligence, but they are easy to compromise. Consultants must be both smart and persistent.

Great companies have their specific talent genes. They turn the genes into employment standards and design the way they interview employees.

For example, McKinsey designed the “inconsistent interview method”. If all five interviewers let someone pass, the final result will be rejected; if two interviewers agree with each other, two interviewers agree If it is negative, it will pass, which is the result of persistence.

You know how you can succeed, and you have to find a group of people who may succeed with you to succeed.

Therefore,the standards of talents must be established before the use of talents.

Entrepreneurs need to be able to identify who can make a business.

Baisen’s 445 model is a talent inventory model and an important method to identify talents. This model has a leading indicator, which is to discover the talent before it has been made.

For example, when Yu Chengdong took over Huawei’s terminal business 10 years ago, few people were optimistic about him? However, Ren Zhengfei supported him and made Huawei’s terminal business to the forefront of the world, and even suffered total suppression by the United States.

How many bosses are willing to give him 10 years to grow? Who knows what the result of 10 years will be?

Ren Zhengfei has insight into Yu Chengdong’s quality, and it took 10 years to bear such fruits.

So, the most critical issue is that the organization must use him first. Without him, there will be no results. The real difficulty is how to predict that he is a talent that can have a big impact on the company.

Does the platform make talents, or does talent make platforms?

For true geniuses, it is people who make the platform. withSo, did heroes create history, or history created heroes? My answer is that heroes create history.

For entrepreneurs, if they want to be a good company, the most important thing is to have an eye for people. You have to see that he is the next person to make a company. This is possible.

1. Manager’s 4th floor station

The first “4” of Huawei’s 445 model refers to the 4th floor:

The first level, the decision-making level, is the boss and partners;

The second level, the director level, is the disassembler of strategy;

The third level, the manager level, is the executor of tactics;

The fourth level, the supervisor level, is the most basic level force.

Level 4 has different ability requirements and different quality requirements.

2. Identify entrepreneurs with 5 qualities

If he only seizes resource opportunities occasionally, then he is just a businessman, not a boss. To become an entrepreneur, according to Huawei’s 5 quality requirements, the following quality requirements must be met:

① Two “three” qualities

First, the initiative must be able to reach level three-take precautions and act in advance. The biggest difference between entrepreneurs and bosses is that entrepreneurs can see the future, discover the future vents, and make arrangements in advance;

Second, the third level of achievement orientation-bias towards high risk, after carefully weighing the costs and benefits, risk an assessed risk to make a certain decision.

We know that wage is a process of linear growth, and entrepreneurship is a possibility to disrupt linear growth. There is no bottom line, but it is full of unlimited imagination.

② Three “second-level” qualities

First, conceptual thinking must reach the second level-by analogy. Since it’s an entrepreneurship, even if you have confidence, there are many things you haven’t experienced, so you have to learn by analogy to understand many things;

Second, the influence must reach the second level-empathy. Entrepreneurs must not only face the company’s employees or potential employees, but also customers and suppliers. To persuade these people, they must have a certain personality charm;

Third, the second level of tenacity-good work. Being able to withstand the pressure in a difficult environment will surely make things happen. Entrepreneurs have to hold on. Entrepreneurs are not partners. Entrepreneurs are the actual controllers, the real ones.

If a person has three “two” and two “three” levels out of the five qualities, he must be an entrepreneur, and he can be a one-billion- or ten-billion-dollar enterprise.

3. The quality of outstanding entrepreneurs

If there are five “three” qualities, such a boss can definitely make a trillion in market value. For example, Jack Ma and Ren Zhengfei have some common entrepreneurial traits:

First, have a keen sense of smell.

They started 10 or 20 years ago when everyone was not optimistic about the situation. Feng Lun and Wang Shi were keenly aware of business opportunities in the real estate market, Chunjiang Plumbing Duck Prophet;

Second, grasp the objective laws.

There is a famous saying: The money a person makes in his entire life cannot exceed your cognitive boundary. There are many opportunities in real estate and stocks, but the most important point is whether you can do this.

Third, the greatest value is to invest in yourself.

What value you see, what you will become in the end.

Entrepreneurs are always mavericks. A person in the investment industry has a philosophy-he will not discuss investment projects with his peers. If everyone can understand the project, the value of such a project is not worth investing in.

Sufficient cognitive boundaries are the law. The reason why Ren Zhengfei can lead Huawei to the present is because he has seen the law farther and greater, and has made Huawei today.

What is the value of learning from Huawei’s successful experience?

The biggest gain is that you can resolutely do what you see. Most people can’t stick to long-termism. When you keep doing something, you won’t see results in the short term, but you will surely be great in the long term.

When you have three levels of tenacity, the difficulties you are facing today are not difficulties. You can resolve them layer by layer, not because of how much money you have, but because you use the three levels of conceptual thinking to resolve contradictions.

The growth of an enterprise must be through encountering many difficulties and overcoming them, rather than overcoming them. Solving the difficulties means that the career has been on a new platform.

Therefore, only those who can continue to solve challenges can achieve great cause. Alibaba started from the company’s yellow pages, found an opportunity to do 2B business 1688, and did Taobao, Alipay, Tmall and other businesses, and also built Ant Financial Services on the basis of Alipay. This is to solve many problems step by step in the business.

Huawei is now starting to build vehicles from mobile phone base stations to terminal services. If Huawei does not have the accumulation of technologies such as lidar and 5G, what does the current trend of building new energy vehicles have to do with Huawei?

But when you can solve this problem, the world is open to you.

4. 4 competency requirements for managers

First, strategic ability.

Strategy is the ability to judge the future direction and the track. The boss usually needs a strong strategic planning ability and needs to determine the main battlefield. The director level needs the ability to formulate strategies, the ability to dismantle strategies, and the execution ability to explore new businesses.

Second, the ability to change.

The development process of an enterprise is a process in which an enterprise undergoes transformation and must keep pace with the times. Currently, digital transformation is very important. If managers do not embrace change and are content with the status quo, the company will stay in place or even lag behind the times.

Third, the ability to build an efficient system.

Whether there is a process for doing things, whether it can produce performance, and whether it has the ability to manage by objectives, when this system is built, the team can operate automatically.

Fourth, the ability to build a talent team.

Can you find someone? Can you cultivate people? Can it motivate people? Can you optimize talents? These are the manager’s ability to build the talent team.

5. The role of the talent model

First, it is conducive to recruiting outstanding talents;

Secondly, as a tool for cadre selection;

Third, discover the talent of talents. Is it a pioneering talent or a well-formed talent? Through the evaluation of talents, they can better rotate and play a greater value.

Fourth, self-evaluation and collective evaluation of talents.

6. Values ​​are not the core of the 445 model

Values ​​are relatively subjective evaluations. Different entrepreneurs have their own values.

Values ​​can be divided into two parts: First, basic values, such as not violating business ethics, morals, etc.; second, higher-level values ​​will change due to different periods and different environments.

The 445 model can find the inner quality of successful people. Quality cannot be changed, and values ​​can be changed. Therefore, values ​​cannot be used as a criterion for predicting talents.

So from a realistic point of view, we can only choose talents, not cultivate them. Instead of taking the time to change a person, it is better to take the time to choose the right person. The way to know people and employ people is to know people.

3. Case analysis of offline private education workshops

1. The harvest and confusion of the assistant general manager

Xie Yujie-Assistant to the general manager of a smart lock head company. The company mainly provides ODM and OEM services for domestic and foreign customers. In renewing the school andKnow people and employ people in the private education workshop.

① Harvest from Xie Yujie

First, find the key to the right person.

Before learning the model of identifying and employing people, I didn’t realize that it was the problem of not finding the right person. Instead, I questioned my ability or other problems of the company. After studying, I suddenly realized that its success is to find the right people and use the right people. If the first beginning is not done well, it is difficult to guarantee that things can be done.

Second, the standard of talent.

It is impossible for the founder or the management system to take all the details into consideration. Especially in the 0~1 process, it requires a lot of talents to join in to help the company build the system. Through learning, we can use standardized methods or techniques to identify the talents we want.

Third, link outstanding students.

There is an offline mock interview training. Not only do I have the same position, but also exchanges between different industries and positions. This allows me to broaden my horizons and it is also very helpful for my job improvement.

② Talent stability of entrepreneurial companies

First, build attractiveness to talents.

First of all, there is room for the strategic direction, and the direction cannot be wrong. Moreover, the geographical location is also very important. Beijing and Shenzhen are far more attractive to talents than other small cities.

Secondly, employing people must be ruthless.

Like learning to swim, it is possible to learn only when you are in the water. In the process of accomplishing the work goals, the elites who really survived. A person with good quality will surely emerge from the cocoon; if the quality is insufficient and fragile, he himself will not be able to pass the hurdles in his heart. Sometimes, the more intelligent a person is, the harder it is to persevere.

Third, use people boldly.

If an enterprise wants to develop, it must not only employ people ruthlessly, but also give opportunities to talents and make them responsible for the results.

Fourth, the stage should be continuously expanded, so that the master can have a larger stage space.

2. Partners’ gains and confusion

Chunhua—Partner in the education industry.

① Harvest

First of all, there is a breakthrough in cognition. Although it is a simple scene in the interview, it involves a complete closed loop.

Secondly, compare yourself from the requirements of talents, find the lack of self-ability, and then study and practice in a targeted manner.

② Objective judgment of talent value

K12 education is currently veryIn hot industries, the abnormal flow of talents will have a great impact on enterprises.

First, in the objective environment, the constant increase of capital investment makes the value of talents higher or higher, but this kind of flow cannot be judged by the value of talents, and it must be treated with a calm mind.

Secondly, for real talents, we must go wherever they go. Let talents play their value. In an objective environment, we can only take advantage of the trend and force the selection of better people.

3. Improve conceptual thinking

To improve conceptual thinking, you must first read more books.

As a successful person, don’t demand that you become extremely smart, but you must know your own strengths. The so-called “people who make good use of resources will become the world” and “the stones of other mountains can be used for jade”, which means that we should give all Asking wise people is also a way of learning and growth.

Can you calm down and see through the problem?

It is often related to personal training. Whenever we fail to jump through a hurdle, the innermost reason is that our philosophy is not high enough, because the enterprise will eventually form a philosophy.

Only by condensing the wisdom of management into a real, own business philosophy, can we truly take root and be great.

Life is a practice. When we see our own difference, we finally form our own being, and get rid of the nothing. When there is nothing and nothing, we can truly succeed.

There is no need to stick to the level of conceptual thinking, whether it can be improved, there is no need to persevere, forget that nothing is true, and success is not the success of wealth.

Talents are becoming more expensive and more complex.

In fact, all management problems are people’s problems, and the first question we must answer for all management people is, what is a good person? What is the right person, and what is the person we need?

So knowing people is a prerequisite for entrepreneurs or great achievements.

Quality is constant, and only constant things can be predicted.

So the greatest value of Zhiren Private Education Workshop is to identify a person so that we can truly see the value he can bring. There are no useless people in this world, only people who are not in the right place.

The core of employing people is that you put them in the place where they can display their value the most, and let them make his value.

When organizations can do this, our world will be better.