Is the uterine cavity visible painless abortion a hysteroscope< /span>

When women need to flow, most women choose to do painless flow because Can use narcotic drugs, so there is no pain. And now there is a kind of painless flow in the uterine cavity. This is a relatively advanced technology that canFind the gestational sacFind the gestational sac span>Accurate location. So, is the uterine cavity visible painless abortion hysteroscope?

Visible uterine cavity painless abortion is not a hysteroscope, the two have very obvious difference. The uterine cavity can visualize painless abortion. During the abortion, the doctor can find the location of the gestational sac through the endoscopic lens, and then accurately aspirate the gestational sac. This can effectively avoid incomplete miscarriage and the possibility of residues after abortion. It’s also very low.