What are the ways to promote breastfeeding

After the female friends give birth, most of them will choose breastfeeding, which is more conducive to Baby’s growth. And there are many antibodies in breast milk, which can reduce children’s illness. Some women who are breastfeeding will have insufficient milk, which requires breastfeeding. So, what is the way to promote breastfeeding?

If you want to promote breastfeeding, you can adjust your diet and drink regularly. Some chicken soup, fish soup, and rib soup. Especially crucian carp, trotters and peanut soup, have a very good effect on promoting milk. In addition, mothers have to eat more digestible porridge foods, which will also help breastfeeding.

If moms want to get breast milk, the breasts must be unobstructed, otherwise very It is easy for milk to accumulate in the breast, which can easily lead to diseases such as mastitis and breast cysts. Therefore, in the early stage of breast-feeding, mothers need to ensure that the glands are open. Women’s mental factors will also affect milk secretion, so mothers should keep their moods at ease and avoid negative emotions such as anger and anxiety.

Let your baby suck more nipples to promote the secretion of milk. When the child sucks the mother’s nipple, it will increase the secretion of prolactin, which is very helpful to increase the milk. Mothers should pay attention to it. , Do not squeeze the milk out to feed the baby, but let the baby suck directly, otherwise it is not conducive to the secretion of milk.