Can I put freshly expressed milk in the refrigerator< /p>

After giving birth, female friends usually choose to breastfeed. Health is good. Because there are antibodies in breast milk, this can reduce the child’s disease. Moms who go to work after childbirth must store the milk properly after squeezing out the milk. So, can the freshly milked milk be put in the refrigerator?

Bao Ma’s freshly expressed milk can be put in the refrigerator, which can extend the storage time . If the milk expressed by Baoma is kept at room temperature, it can usually only be stored for about 4 hours. Please note that the higher the indoor temperature, the shorter the time the milk can be stored. At this time, you can put the milk in the refrigerator first.

If it is placed in a refrigerator, it can be stored for about 12-15 hours. If placed in the freezer, breast milk can be stored for at least 72 hours, which is 3 days. However, parents should pay attention that the milk taken out of the refrigerator must be heated and cannot be directly given to the child to drink, otherwise it will cause the baby to have diarrhea. In addition, do not freeze breast milk in the refrigerator for too long, otherwise the nutritional value will be reduced.

While women are breastfeeding their children, if there is still milk left after feeding at night, they need to be squeezed out, otherwise it is prone to milk siltation , It may even lead to milk cysts. The squeezed milk is best stored in the refrigerator, otherwise it will easily deteriorate.