Problem description: Four months ago, I had a medical abortion due to an unintended pregnancy. However, I recently found menstrual cramps and have been unstable. I plan to take Gynecological Tiaojing Pills for treatment. Can I take gynecological menstrual regulation pills after a medical abortion?
Question date: 2020-12-07
Patient information: Age: 33 Gender: Female
Two months after medical abortion You can eat gynecological menstruation pills around.
Most women are prone to endocrine disorders after medical abortion, which can also cause irregular menstruation in severe cases. In this regard, it is necessary to go to the gynecology department of the hospital in time, and cooperate with the doctor to check sex hormones and other aspects, which will help to eliminate endocrine problems. Generally, you can choose to take gynecological menstruation pills for treatment about two months after the drug abortion.
Avoid eating too spicy and greasy food during the medication, which will affect the effectiveness of the medication. At the same time, regular review is also required to understand the recovery status of oneself.
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