Problem description: I just gave birth a few days ago, but recently I often suffer from abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. When I went to the hospital for an examination, the doctor asked me to take gynecological nourishing particles. Is it okay to take gynecological nourishing particles for postpartum hemorrhage?
Question date:2020-12-07
Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: Female
Postpartum hemorrhage can eat gynecological nourishment Particles.
Gynecological Health Granules usually have the effects of nourishing blood, replenishing qi and stopping bleeding, and can also benefit qi. It is mainly used to treat prolonged menstrual periods, inexhaustible dripping and dull complexion. It mainly includes donkey-hide gelatin, astragalus, and white peony root. If the patient still does not improve, he can go to the gynecological clinic of a regular hospital for color Doppler ultrasound examination.
In your daily life, you should pay attention to local warmth, don’t catch cold, match your diet reasonably, don’t eat raw or cold food, and rest on time at night, don’t stay up late.
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