Problem description: In the early stage of frontline cancer, the patient has been undergoing surgery and has been given injections and medication for a year. The blood tests have been normal several times, and he was asked to do a second treatment. What kind of treatment is used for the second treatment< br />Question date:2021-01-20
Patient information:Age: 70 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis:< /b>Patients with early-stage prostate cancer can be treated with radical surgery to achieve a good therapeutic effect and even be cured. Has your surgical treatment been cured?
Guidelines: Other treatments include: chemotherapy, the use of drugs to kill fast-growing cells, suitable for patients who have metastasized or have low response to hormone therapy; radiotherapy, through the use of High energy to kill cancer cells; cryotherapy, which kills cancer cells by freezing tissues. You can ask the doctor in charge, what is the next treatment method? Communicate with him
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