Problem description: 1. Advanced gallbladder cancer 2. Gallbladder metastasis and liver secondary malignant tumor 3. Abdominal multiple lymph node metastasis 4. Cerebral infarction sequelae 5. Hypertension has been given a chemotherapy, and then changed to oral administration Now I want to try Karelizumab treatment, and I want to know whether the two-week regimen is more suitable or the three-week regimen is more suitable.
Question date:2021-02-17
Patient information:Age: 60 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: In fact, in this case, I suggest that patients try not to take this chemotherapy method as much as possible.
Guidelines: A double-edged sword means that while killing cancer cells, it may also damage normal human cells. It is recommended that patients see a Chinese medicine doctor.
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