Lijiang, the only listed company in Lijiang, released its financial report for the first half of 2019. There was no accident, and both profit and revenue accelerated.

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Lijiang is dead?

Lijiang, the only listed company in Lijiang, was released in 2019.Half-year earnings report, no accidents, both profit and revenue accelerated down. Lijiang is no longer synonymous with “poetry and distance”, “soft time”, “slow life”, and even these rhetoric itself are also clichéd by repetitions too many times. As for the “City of Aventure”, it is even more cumbersome and suspicious. Some people say that Lijiang, a sacred place in the heart of Wen Qing, is dead and has something to burn.


Lijiang is still okay?

Knowing that there is a topic of discussion, “What kind of story is Zhao Lei’s “Don’t want to go to Lijiang again?” The netizen’s reply unexpectedly did not have any differences. Ten years ago, you carried a bag and went to Lijiang alone. You may encounter love, encounter sex, and even encounter understanding. Ten years later, you sat alone in Lijiang’s bar, picked up WeChat and waved, and got such a response – I have wine and stories (edited), do you have money?

This is not a paragraph, tourists are indeed abandoning Lijiang.

At the end of July, Lijiang Yulong Tourism Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lijiang Tourism”), the only listed company in Lijiang, released the 2019 semi-annual performance report. As a popular scenic spot operator such as Yulong Snow Mountain and Wuhu, Lijiang tourism can basically represent Lijiang tourism. Data show that during the reporting period, Lijiang tourism revenue was 318 million yuan, a decrease of 7.07% year-on-year; net profit was 98.045 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 17.53%. The revenue of its hotels has also declined. The company ultimately attributed ugly transcripts to the reduction of the ropeway under government guidance.

However, this is not the first time the performance of Lijiang Tourism has declined. Before that, it has actually been steadily falling for several years, and the reasons are different. In 2016, Lijiang Tourism experienced the first decline in revenue. Subsequently, in 2017, revenue and net profit both fell, and then the car could not stop, all the way down to the first half of this year, and the speed is getting faster.

In the official data of Lijiang, the situation of the tourism industry is still very good. Lijiang’s tourists are growing at a high rate every year. But if you compare it, it is not difficult to find that the fastest time for Lijiang to grow has already passed.

Lijiang is dead?

This is the growth data map of Lijiang visitors that was produced by the interface news. The growth rate of Lijiang tourists has begun to decline after reaching its peak in 2012, and has basically stagnated in recent years. In 2018, the growth rate of tourists in Lijiang began to decline again.

Correspondingly, Lijiang Inn is asymmetrical high-speed growth. In ten years, Lijiang’s inn has grown rapidly from 1,000 toMore than 4,000 rooms totaling more than 20,000 rooms.

In fact, for most people who want to open a shop to make money, Lijiang is a place where you can’t hope. Search online for “opening in Lijiang Inn”, a net text ranked in the front position – “I opened the inn in Lijiang, the first year lost 110,000.” At the beginning of this year, netizens broke out in the ancient city of Lijiang, and a large number of inns were listed for transfer. Those who resigned in Lijiang to find a slow life in the past, they also closed the store and returned to the square between Beishangguang.

The data may not be sensible enough. Lijiang’s overwhelming negative news in the past few years may be a direct evidence of Lijiang’s “illness”.

The last time was last year, when a Beijing-based female Wenqing and Lijiang locals had a lot of rent disputes. Thirteen years ago, she came to Lijiang to open a hotel for poetry and distance, but she was eventually involved in a four-year lawsuit, which ended badly. The landlord tore the contract, sit on the ground, and finally find someone to open the excavator, directly demolished the inn.

Going forward, it is a swindling incident in Lijiang. In addition to the passengers asking the landlord to ask for mosquito coils to be ridiculed, “mosquito is a pet, smoked a lost 100.”, there was a hit on the hot search. On November 11th, 2016, the beautiful Liaoning girl Xiao Dong and two friends traveled to Lijiang and stayed up late at night in the “Ninglang” barbecue restaurant. They had a dispute with the diners, and then they were beaten. First, the bottle was smashed, and then the bottle was scratched. After several rounds of beatings, the most seriously injured Xiao Dong was beyond recognition. A centimeter-long wound climbed from the corner of the eye to the left. Nose.

Xiao Dong was completely disfigured. One year later, the scar was still shocking. The boyfriend broke up with her, and her mother’s spirit collapsed. She once wrote a suicide note to prepare for suicide.

Once a place gets the reputation of heaven, it becomes hell. The time in Lijiang is not soft. The reputation that this ancient city once harvested is like this, and it is severely broken on the ground.


A pre-publicized marketing myth

Lijiang is not always like this. Lijiang became a “net red” and was a textbook-level marketing case.

Time has returned to more than 20 years ago. Because of its remote location, Lijiang has been raised in the depths of the people. In 1996, a large earthquake of 7.0 on the Richter scale almost destroyed Lijiang, and it also made the ancient city of the south of this colorful cloud known to the world.

On the Internet, I can find some travelers in Lijiang before the earthquake. There is no affair, no flowers cakes on the street, no inns, only blue sky and white clouds, snowy mountains and simple Naxi people. At that time, Lijiang Qingli was not like words. In a slang word, it was amazing time and gentle years.

After the earthquake, the ancient city of Lijiang became a world’s material and cultural heritage at a rocket-like speed, and tourism development suddenly accelerated. the beginningIn the past few years, the ancient city of Lijiang is still relatively pure. The number of roads is similar to that of other ancient towns. The route of sightseeing and sightseeing is uncharacteristic and has no appeal.

In 2002, this small town in the northwest of Yunnan, I don’t know which high-ranking person got the call, suddenly suddenly realized. The signing event of that year was that Lijiang was co-author of the magazine “New Weekly”, which made a concept. He sang a slogan-style advertisement: “Have you Lijiang today?”. Very avant-garde, Lijiang is shaped into a way of life, right, that is the “lifestyle” that you hate today.

This magazine, which was mainly distributed in Beishang and Guangzhou, provided a white-collar chicken to the city that was beginning to take shape. Go to Lijiang, there is no PPT, no 996, there is sunshine, yard, coffee. And alcohol. Under the sun, there is nothing new, which is the same as the current escape from the north and the north.

After that, Lijiang runs along this direction and runs all the way. In 2003, a wonderful book was born – “The Soft Time of Lijiang.” It uses more than 2,000 color pictures and rhetorical but unclear words to describe the details of Lijiang’s life. You can see a lot of similar words: “soft, delicate, sexy, flattery.” At that time, there were no microblogs and vibrato, and the literary youth had not yet been stigmatized. This book has been sold for ten years and reprinted in one edition.

The trader of “The Soft Time of Lijiang” is the Big Tomato Media Agency. Advertising madman Ye Maozhong met Jiang Liang, chairman of the big tomato. After drinking a drink in Kunming, this arrogant and interesting person decided to personally pre-order the book. He wrote:

Yes, Lijiang is a lost place. Its water is too loud, its alley is too long and too chaotic, its Dongba is too mysterious, its history is too complicated, its dialect is too difficult to understand, its custom Too long, its legend is too much, its ambiguity is too embarrassing, its affair is too horrible, its lion mountain sun is too blurred, its night is too restless, its snow-capped mountains are too staring, its living place water sound Too much…

Get used to living in the center of the crowd, it will inevitably feel very tired, why not let your heart rest, wander between freedom and exile, pretend to be in Lijiang.

Walking outside walking, everyone has Lijiang for everyone.

Let life be harder elsewhere. In Lijiang, softness is moral.

Marketing father Ye Maozhong, will not only be a “boss direct hire” such hysterical advertising. He is literary and artistic, and basically there is no such thing as a new world.

In the following years, “The Soft Time of Lijiang” has always been a harvester of Wenqing and petty bourgeoisie. Lijiang is so far away, I want to go see it. Resigning to Lijiang to open an inn, bar, and cafe has become one of the dreams of many people. Their arrival, writing, and practice have continuously strengthened Lijiang’s petty bourgeoisie. The Naxi people began to be excluded from Lijiang and could not participate in this “lifestyle” wealth game. This also laid the groundwork for future rent disputes.

No matter whatFor example, in China before 2010, backpacking is still a game for a small number of people. From a market perspective, the era of mass tourism has not yet arrived. At that time, Lijiang, although already famous, is still quiet. However, Lijiang’s ambition does not stop there.


Cheng Yi Yan Yu, defeat also encounters

In 2004, the TV series “One Meter Sunshine” tailored for Lijiang was born. In the history of China’s tourist attractions marketing, it is estimated that only “Qiao Family Courtyard” and “Reminiscence Like Water” can be compared with it.

“One Meter Sunshine” almost gathered all the elements needed for a dog blood drama. Sun Wei plays the young and beautiful Wen Qing, and he has been the lover of the overbearing president for eight years, and even helped him to tamper with his brother’s will. After all, the relationship between the two is still gradually fascinating. The female youth went to the bar to get drunk, met the man Wen Qing played by He Rundong, and drunk to fly to Lijiang.

Three days of passion defeated the feelings of eight years. However, the overbearing president killed the killer at this time. After two days of passion, the female host died in Lijiang. The sister who is the same as Sun Hao is revenge for her sister. She came to Lijiang and looked for a male Wenqing. After some entanglement, she fell in love with him.

The Sun Sang Niangniang at that time, with a pure face and agility, did not become the temperament of the palace champion. “One meter sunshine” became the drama of the male silent woman tears. Lijiang still has a bar called Yimi Sunshine.

One meter of sunshine is taken from a legend that has been circulated in the Yulong Snow Mountain area, a lyrical story similar to Liang Zhu. After various versions of the interpretation, it means a beautiful and perishable love. By this time, a concept that affects the future of Lijiang has come to the fore.

In 2005, the Great Tomato Media Agency took another shot and shouted “Yan Chong Lijiang” with a clear-cut banner. The copywriting level of this book is still very online. I would like to give an example: “Aventure is a feast of overeating. In Lijiang, this feast never breaks. Everyone has an affair in the heart, fleeting, lingering, It’s amazing. These are amazing. In Lijiang, these amazing floods are happening.”

However, from this point on, Lijiang has started playing with fire. Alice is left to the left and romantic to the right. When it comes along with a hot money ripening place, going to the right is sooner or later. After all, “what are the weaknesses of human nature, we can use it to make money”, which is by no means unique to today’s Internet companies.

In the next ten years, China’s leisure and holiday trips, like Starbucks, faded out of gorgeous coats and became a fast food that most people can consume. Lijiang frantically harvested dividends, and the number of tourists set a steep growth curve. Those who came to Lijiang to open the inn in the early years, sold their feelings, harvested the girl, and earned a lot of money.

In 2010, the New Weekly added a dry firewood to the already burning fire. Phase oneOn the cover of the magazine, there are several big characters – “Lijiang, the capital of Aventure”. This short and powerful label is firmly attached to Lijiang like psoriasis.

However, Lijiang’s temperament has already changed quietly.

It finally inevitably fell. The problem broke out in 2015. In the eleventh year of that year, the reporter of the news went to Lijiang and conducted an extremely expensive unannounced visit. Within three days, they used WeChat to shake, Mo Mo, etc., and they came out with four wine trays pretending to be tourists, and spent a total of more than 5,000 yuan. One of them even asked for “1000 yuan to accompany the reporter for one night.” After the news came out, Lijiang wine trays were pushed to the cusp of public opinion.

Almost at the same time, on social media, suddenly a slap in the face of Wen Qing. From the ridicule of the 318 National Road, the poor tour, and the hike to Lhasa, all the way up to the attack on the youth of the literature and art.

The Lijiang Aventures that appeared in all kinds of travels were certainly not spared. “When I came to Lijiang alone, in the tavern, the girl in a white cotton skirt was stunned. The two exchanged past, talked about the future, shared goodness, woke up silently and bid farewell, never met.” Very literary about.”

After this battle, the mass foundation of Lijiang and the image temperament of painstaking management have already collapsed. After the law enforcement department rectified, the mayor of Lijiang personally went out and shouted to the public through the media. He personally went to the bar in the ancient city to experience it, shaking it without shaking it to the wine tray. However, this obviously cannot be respected for Lijiang.

In the history of marketing in China’s tourist attractions, Lijiang created a myth, and eventually fell to the myth.


Disadvantages of development mode

However, if you only blame Lijiang’s defeat on the marketing strategy, it will inevitably be biased.

In the black history of Lijiang, there are two things worth noting. One is to levy the maintenance fee of the ancient city, causing the merchants to strike. First, the local landlord and the innkeeper have never stopped disputes. They point to the same problem – there is a problem with the Lijiang business development model.

First of all, Lijiang is wild. At the beginning of the development of Lijiang, the call for cultural protection was very high. It is said that at that time, the Lijiang Municipal Government was looking for the overall planning of the Chinese Academy of Regulations, and it was rejected. The reason for the other party is very positive: such an ancient city should be protected by the original, what development, what overall planning?

There is no overall planning, and naturally there is no unified development subject. Lijiang has become what it is today, and it can almost be said to be the result of barbaric growth. The property rights in the ancient city belong to the local people. They trade privately with foreign investors, what they operate, how to operate, and they are completely uncontrollable. Driven by interests, excessive commercialization and scam crackingGradually sealed God. In the wave of consumption upgrades, Wuzhen became a middle-class fan of the city, and Lijiang was not enough to look at it, even looking mediocre and boring.

Lijiang tourism certainly will not die. Every year, 40 million people still go to the small town in the northwest of Yunnan, but the cultural Lijiang has already died. The times have changed, and the “New Weekly”, which was loved in the past, abandoned Lijiang early in the morning and embraced Dali, which is more middle-class.

Are you still going to Lijiang for a pilgrimage?


“City Strategist”

“Lijiang Fangdong frequency ruined the innkeeper to escape: the rent has been raised several times”

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There is a huge cavern of 1.5 billion behind the ” strike” in the ancient city of Lijiang.