When we talk about workplace social etiquette, what are we talking about?

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “LinkedIn” (ID: LinkedIn- China), author Oster Woolsky.

WeChat has changed.

The social software that communicated with friends originally carried the burden of workplace communication: meeting, chatting, and passing documents.

More, WeChat also inherits the glory of the mail and becomes the “test room” for social etiquette in your workplace.

Here, your word, sentence, expression, and tone need to be carefully crafted and carefully considered.

If there is a slight negligence, it will be criticized and lost.

What is your boss thinking about in the 24 minutes of not returning to WeChat?

WeChat has formed a set of “basic social etiquette”, and if the workplace is slightly careless, it may enter the “minefield”.

Since it has been called “ceremony”, there are bound to be more and more, what are the common WeChat etiquette?

Common WeChat Social Etiquette Awards:How to avoid stepping on thunder?

Centered on “Do not reveal the privacy of others”

Control the heart and fingers of the commotion, don’t mess with the chat screens of others. Casually does not necessarily mean that your relationship is good, and even highlights the essence of not knowing how to respect the privacy of others.

Remember: Before you push someone else’s WeChat business card to other people, be sure to tell the party in advance!

Before pulling a stranger into the group, ask for advice. After all, strangers and members of the group are not familiar with each other, so it will be fine. If the job secrets are leaked, it will be bad.

Based on “convenience with people, convenient for yourself”

“Who is a friend who is responsible”, whoever adds WeChat first, who should first report to the home, explain the reason, do not wait for others to ask.

What is your boss thinking about in the 24 minutes without WeChat?

If you have something to say, don’t make any sense of nonsense, such as “Is it?” or “See, please reply.”

Use voice with caution, information of 50 seconds or more, or “good” of 3 seconds or less.

When you see the 59-second voice experience in the crowded subway can, no one wants to try.

When sending long strings of numbers (such as ID card number / bank card number / courier number), unless there is a need to send pictures, try to send a text version to facilitate the other party to copy.

After sending a file or picture, it is best to attach a simple text description to make it easier for others to make the content clearer and easier to find later.

Follow me: Trouble yourself, be convenient for others!

Don’t stop the “my mother in the four seas” mentality, not everyone is your mother, on call

If you want to make a voice call, it is convenient to ask the other party in advance. If the other party hangs up, it means that there is something to be busy at hand, and it is shameful and useless to kill the serial call.

If you are in a hurry, please choose to call. After all, not everyone is next to WeChat, waiting for your call.

What is your boss thinking about in the 24 minutes of not returning to WeChat?

Know your time and size, Avoid sending messages before 8am and after 10pm, which will bother others to rest.

Insist on the principle of “implementation everywhere”

Information about work, Be sure to have a response and confirmation after seeing it, let the other party know that you already know.

Talk to your friends and talk about the day, don’t suddenly disappear, but don’t reply to others, but be active in the circle of friends.

If something suddenly interrupts your thoughts, it will take a long time to continue the conversation. Remember to say “sorry” first.

Pay attention to personalization

Talk about life trivia in the work group, abuse personal expressions, easy to overwhelm the key information of the work, and easily make the leader feel that you are not professional enough.

It’s like saying, “Only I feel like this alone” and “I don’t know if I don’t know what to say” is really inappropriate.

Although we know that the bar can be late, but will never be absent, but this kind of words is still a burst of fire from the bottom of the foot.

Friends Circle Likes

Don’t like other people’s circle of friends long ago, others will think that you are investigating him.

Don’t suddenly like a bunch of friends who are not familiar with friends, it will make others feel inexplicable.

Friends ask for a circle of friends to see a compliment, and the point of praise is also friendship, maybe you need a piece of praise on that day?

When we are talking about social etiquette in WeChat workplace,What are we talking about?

Why do some people care about workplace WeChat social etiquette?

In fact, the most important thing is not etiquette, but the respect behind the etiquette.

It’s not particularly important to talk about etiquette between girlfriends or buddies who are especially familiar with them.

But those who treat different people and speak different things on different occasions are by no means “thousands of people” who “see people speak and talk about ghosts.”

This is determined by identity conversion. When entering the workplace, colleagues and subordinates have different requirements for interpersonal communication.

A chat between friends can be screaming at the fart, using many funny expression packs.

But when you return to the workplace, you still need to switch professionally and rigorously.

Although it is for thousands of people, each side is the most appropriate.

It’s not insincere, but this is a good way to adjust the communication balance.

What is your boss thinking about in the 24 minutes of not returning to WeChat?

My girlfriend has learned the lesson. She is a self-media person and often receives some soft articles promotion through the public relations company where the friend A is located.

Because she and Xiao A usually have a good relationship with each other, they have nothing to say in private.

In the work group once, because Party A has been revised, the demand is also relatively “drilled”, and the girlfriends vomit a sentence: I am afraid that this is not the brain of the father of the party.

Nobody said anything at the time, but then the girlfriend never received a small A company case.

After the girlfriends learned, because the other party thinks that her behavior is not professional enough, even if the previous article has a good score of 99, because this behavior is also deducted.

This is true for friends, not to mention ordinary colleagues and bosses.

Ceremony is a way of expressing respect, WeChat social ceremonyThe instrument is also the embodiment of our professionalism.

As Mr. Liu Run, CEO of Runmi Consulting, said:

Professionalism is your education in the business world. The specific embodiment is that when others deal with you, you can feel very comfortable.

The way of thinking behind professionalism is to always consider the problem from the perspective of uncomfortable feelings.

So, when the way others feel comfortable is changed, the way you behave must also change.

WeChat social etiquette,The balance of power between the demand side and the supply side

Some people think that the so-called WeChat etiquette is actually equal to power and status:

Primary can ask for subordinates

Elders can ask for juniors

Party A can ask for Party B

In the daily contact process, even if the superiors, elders, and Party A really violated the WeChat social etiquette, most of us as social animals can only endure silently.

What is your boss thinking about in the 24 minutes without WeChat?

What is your boss thinking about in the 24 minutes without WeChat?

Occasionally we will also have a big question mark:

When the leader gives us a task, will it be considered that this is not our working time, we also need rest?

When the leader sends us a voice, will it be considered, maybe we are not convenient at this moment?

As for important information, no voices, no pictures, I am afraid that the leaders will not care.

We can’t help but feel convinced: Why do people always find reasons when the same behavior happens to leaders? !

In fact, this power is not only derived from the level and money, but is determined by the relationship between the “demand side and the supply side”.

For example, if someone asks us for help, when the other party sends a picture, we need to knock it down.Numbers and words, I am afraid we will turn a big eye and feel how the other party is not on the road.

But if we ask someone to help, the mood will be much smaller.

As the saying goes, “Ass decides the head”, our position and perspective determine our attitude towards others.

There is such a joke:

When the wife is cooking, her husband keeps on: “Slow, be careful! The fire is too big. Hurry up and turn the fish over and put too much oil!”

The wife is very angry: “I know how to cook, you don’t have to talk about it.”

The husband calmly replied: “I just want to let you know that when I drive, you are chatting around, how do I feel…”

Similarly, if you are a boss, there is really something special to worry about, will you be eager to find someone to solve? When you have more than N things to deal with every day, will you save time with your voice?

What is your boss thinking about in the 24 minutes of not returning to WeChat?

But no matter what, in our work life, each of our actions affects the impression others have on us.

We can’t change the way others do things, but they can make changes on their own.

A good image is good for you: Respond carefully to every communication in the workplace, improve efficiency, effectively deliver value, respect others’ time, and respect your time.

High-value communicators will find ways to increase output, draw more conclusions and consensus, and minimize everyone’s time investment.

This is the ultimate WeChat social etiquette.