Renting accounts, playing with them, and minors indulging in online games… With a series of heavy blows by the regulatory authorities, the chaos in the game industry will be rectified.

September 14th, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Party Committee Cyberspace Affairs Office, Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Municipal Bureau of Communication and Administration and other departments collectively interviewed more than 20 key games in Shanghai Enterprises, operating platforms, and publishing units convey the relevant spirit of the Central Propaganda Department, emphasize the need to improve political positions, deeply understand the importance and urgency of preventing minors from indulging in online games, and strictly implement the notice requirements of the Central Propaganda Department and the National Press and Publication Administration. Shanghai’s key online game companies are required to implement their main responsibilities, strictly manage content, and complete anti-addiction work without compromise.

The meeting put forward Shanghai’s “Seven Shanghai Guidelines” for strengthening the management of territorial online games, from improving content quality, doing a good Party building leadership, training and guidance, and the role of associations have proposed specific measures to coordinate the promotion of source governance, system governance, and ecological governance, and strive to achieve tangible results.

According to the news, the companies participating in the meeting reached a consensus on resolutely implementing the latest requirements of the competent authorities.

The relevant person in charge of Shengqu Games told reporters that he will resolutely implement the anti-addiction policy for minors in online games. “The protection of minors is the current focus of the management of the game industry. As a game company, it must be strictly self-disciplined and actively implement the requirements of the competent department in order to make the entire industry develop better and better.” He mentioned that Shengqu Games will continue to upgrade in the future. The anti-addiction system actively explores the use of AI, machine learning technology, and biometric technology to implement “personal identification correspondence” and prevent users from fabricating identity information to pass verification.

“The series of regulatory policies introduced this time will help the game industry to make original content, improve product quality, and dedicate more high-quality games to the society.” People also mentioned that the game industry should strengthen its “cultural output” capabilities, and further promote “games going overseas” to help China’s cultural industry go global.

Lilith, another participating company, told reporters that it would further implement the “Shanghai Seven Articles” proposed by the competent authority at this meeting. Among them, with regard to the protection of minors, after the “Notice” was issued, Lilith has implemented the requirements of the competent department as soon as possible, strictly implemented various protection measures for minors, and compacted the main responsibility. At the same time, many rounds of self-inspection were conducted internally to ensure that there were no omissions in anti-addiction work for minors, and to effectively protect minors. In the future, focusing on the protection of minors, Lilith will continue to explore and apply new technologies and new functions.

“In terms of game content, Lilith always adheres to the guiding ideology of promoting traditional Chinese culture and is committed to delivering the essence of excellent traditional culture to the world. In the future, we will also continue this product strategy. Create masterpieces that promote the excellent Chinese culture.” Lilith said.

Recently, the regulatory authorities have issued a series of policies to rectify and regulate the game industry, which has aroused continuous attention. On September 8, the relevant persons in charge of the Central Propaganda Department and the National Press and Publication Administration, together with the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, etc., made an agreement with Tencent, NetEase and other key online game companies, game account rental and sales platforms, and game live broadcast platforms. The content of the talks includes requiring companies and platforms to fully implement the time limit for providing online games to minors, and not to provide minors with online game account rental and sales transaction services in any form; resolutely resist money worship and motherhood Unhealthy cultures such as “cannon” and “danmei”; strengthen the management and control of “krypton gold”, and so on.

Prior to August 30, the State Press and Publication Administration issued the “most stringent” game restriction order. All online games are only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and weeks. On Sundays and statutory holidays, one-hour service is provided to minors from 20 to 21:00 every day.