Editor’s note: This article is from Zhongxin Jingwei.

According to the 4th news of “Weiju Beijing” WeChat public account, recently, Beijing investigated 16 real estate brokerage institutions that illegally released listing information, such as Beijing Three Thousand Years Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd.

Recently, the law enforcement department of the Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Committee jointly carried out the law enforcement inspection of the real estate market, online and offline linkage, extracting the listing information from the mainstream Internet platform, verifying the on-site field-by-item comparison, and 16 real estate brokers who illegally published the listing information. The agency was investigated.

The list is as follows:

Beijing investigates and deals with 16 illegal listings of real estate agents, and the two are recidivists

Source: “Home in Beijing” WeChat public number

The Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Committee said that the above-mentioned real estate brokerage institutions violated the provisions of the “Management Measures for Real Estate Brokers”, and the law enforcement departments of urban residential construction (household management) have filed investigations and filed, and requested the mainstream Internet platform to remove all the houses they published. information.

Among them, Beijing Sanyuan Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. and Beijing Sunshine Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. violated previous commitments, once again released information on illegal listings, and suspended the listing information on the mainstream Internet platform for half a year.