Genuine has not arrived, piracy is rampant.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Zhongxin Jingwei” (ID: Jwview), author Zhao Jiaran.

The film “Where is the Devil’s Angel” (hereafter referred to as “Where”) is still in the heat, and recently, on the topic of the media’s cybersquatting “Where” related trademarks on the hot search, and at the same time 吐 “The surrounding products have not appeared on the line, and the spit has begun to appear.

Zhongxin Jingwei noticed that when the “True Love Powder” was waiting for the surrounding derivatives, the “cottage” surrounding the banner of “Where” was already overwhelming. “I am afraid that after the completion of the production of genuine peripherals, the popularity of the film is also a lot cold.” Some netizens exclaimed.

It is understood that the current part of “Which” is already in the pre-sale, but the actual delivery date has been listed for several months.

01 Crowdfunding millions of dollars, fans and other peripheral products shipped

This summer, “Where is the devil of the world”, riding a dust, won the box office runner-up in China. In addition to paying attention to the content of the film itself, the “true love powder” is also full of expectations for the surrounding derivatives. However, related peripheral products have been delayed.

On July 31, the film producer Fangguang Media revealed that the company has been authorized to develop and produce film derivatives, and the official authorized series will be opened soon. At present, “Where” is launching crowdfunding at the point of production, and cooperates with the end of the studio to launch an official authorization. The target amount of the crowdfunding project is 100,000 yuan, and the amount already raised has exceeded 12 million yuan, far exceeding expectations.

▲ “Where” is the crowdfunding page. Source: Modo

It is understood that the series