Why does Nintendo’s face-to-face always have some “舅舅 Party” and “Auntie Party” that are so fond of the attempt to spoil? Of course, there are too many players who have been looking forward to the platform of Nintendo and Switch.

On September 5th, Nintendo held a game face-up meeting Nintendo Direct. Overall, this face-to-face meeting is still a surprise. Before the meeting, the bloggers started to frantically open “milk”, some of which were still Really realized.

Let’s take a look at what new games are on the Switch.

Return to the pot and return to the Switch. These dishes are really fragrant

First of all, Blizzard’s current multiplayer battle game “Watching Pioneer Legend” officially announced its landing on the Switch platform. It will be released on October 15th and supports somatosensory operation, but does not support Chinese. However, for those players who are already familiar with “Watching Pioneer”, there is no difference in Chinese support. It is already very happy to play “Watching Pioneer” on the console.

Yes, the physical version of this game has no game cassette, there is only one digital version of the redemption code (equivalent to buy a plastic box), and because the online game requires Switch Online members, no matter what version will be included 3 Member of the month.

The “Divine Excalibur” series, which was once a “financial product” last year, is also a JRPG game that players like very much. This time, Monolith announced that it has brought the “Definite Sword Desirable Edition” to the Switch platform.

This work is based on the original “Divine Excalibur” and the new characters are modeled, the scene is high-definition, and the complete version of the previously deleted scenes and plots is completed. The game supports Chinese and is expected to be released in 2020.

Although WiiU is a less successful host platform, its legacy has been glowing all the time. This time, Atlus, the developer of “Real Goddess Reincarnation” and “Goddess of Different Records”, announced that it will bring the “Phantoms” on the WiiU to the Switch platform.

“Phantom” is a very special game, with both the “Goddess of Different Records” series and the “Flame of the Coat of Arms” series of elements, this time in the “Phantom Alien #FE Encore” There are also new characters to join and confirm support for Chinese, which will be released on January 17, 2020.

The “traditional art” big chaos of Nintendo ND was once again on the scene. In addition to the previously confirmed “Ban Zhuo Xiong” characters Abang and Aka, this time it was linked with SNK. “Hungry Wolf Legend” and one of the protagonists of the KOF series Terry confirmed the battle! However, my impression of Terry by the Hong Kong brainwashing is only 99% of the ultimate power…

Another good news is that “The Original Sin of the Gods 2 Decision Edition” has quickly landed on the Switch today, priced at 49.99 US dollars, the region supports Chinese. In addition, this game supports cross-platform cross-archiving of Switch and steam.

The Netease game “Wild Action”, which is very popular in Japan, also landed on the “National Master Nintendo” Switch. The game will be released in October to support somatosensory operations.

In addition to these relatively fresh news, a large number of previously announced games have new announcements.