Problem description: I completed atrial heart surgery (surgery) at the beginning of last year. Necrotizing pancreatitis was found in September. I was admitted to the hospital for treatment. I got better. I went home to recuperate. I got better after the first review. The second reexamination worsened, and I went home after treatment in the hospital for a period of time. At the end of the year, I had drainage. The cysts became smaller. I was preparing for surgery, but I couldn’t perform surgery due to drainage. Now there is fluid in the abdominal cavity and the biliary blood vessels are a lot larger. (Self very severe anemia, 7+ blood cell value, b-type rh-negative blood) liver indicators are also very high, about ten times higher than normal, and there are other problems. According to the Sichuan Provincial Hospital, the operation is completely impossible to do so far, only to raise it by oneself.
Question date:2021-05-08
Patient information:Age: 179 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: From your description, the patient is indeed unable to undergo surgery in this situation.
Guide and suggestion: In view of this situation, only conservative treatment can be done now. It can be treated by infusion or by taking traditional Chinese medicine.
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