Problem description: Urethral orifice flushing in January Redness, burning sensation in urine, slight tingling, oral cefixime, symptom disappearance of levofloxacin, symptom disappeared after taking medication, and frequent urination occurred 7 days ago. Local Hospital checkup Normal urine routine Unable to culture because there is no secretion Highly suspected that gonorrhea is not cured Highly suspect that gonorrhea has not been cured Give cefixime a week plan cefixime Levofloxacin Whether the symptom is gonorrhea Whether the symptom needs intramuscular spectinomycin If necessary, it should be treated How many days is better? Or is there any other treatment plan?
Question date:2021-05-09
Patient information:Age: 47 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis:Hello, I am your doctor. What kind of examinations have you done? Send the results of the examination to see.
Guidelines: In this case, you need to choose the symptomatic treatment of drugs based on the results of the examination.