At this year’s WWDC, Apple announced that with the arrival of the next-generation Mac operating system, MacOS Catalina, the music, podcasts, and TV content that were originally aggregated in iTunes will be separate and have a proprietary app.

Although the new system hasn’t come yet, we can now see some of the details of the new version from the Apple Music web version. Today, Apple launched the Apple Music web beta, which all users can use to log in to their account on

At present, there are several basic functional modules on the web version, including “For You”, “Browse” and “Radio”. If the original Apple Music database has cloud synchronization, the web version can also use the favorite songs in the database.

▲ The Apple version of the web, from TechCrunch

From a holistic perspective, the web version is quite similar to the standalone Apple Music app previously shown on WWDC.

▲Independent Apple Music app on WWDC, from Engadget


In the experience process, Ai Faner found that even if you don’t use the beta entry, you can search for the singer/album name directly in the search bar of Apple’s official website. However, after testing, this feature is only available for some singers/album.

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After clicking on the album information, you can jump directly into the beta version of Apple Music.

The launch of the web version means that Apple Music users can more easily use the streaming service on different platforms, while also reducing the threshold for new users to join or experience.

Previously, although Apple has designed adapter software for external system platforms such as Android, Windows, and Sonos, the premise is to install specific software. The web version allows users to open Apple browsers at any time, even with a friend’s computer.

According to statistics, cut Since June, Spotify has 108 million paying users, while Apple Music has 60 million users.

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