With the implementation of a number of national policies for increasing coal production, ensuring supply, and stabilizing prices, coal production has gradually increased. On October 20, the coal supply of power plants nationwide was more than 1.1 million tons of coal consumption, and the amount of coal stored increased by more than 10 million tons compared with September, and the average available days was 16 days. Among them, the coal storage in the power plants of the three northeastern provinces has increased by 300,000 tons per day, an increase of more than 5 million tons from the end of September. It can be used for an average of 24 days and is expected to reach the level of the same period last year by the end of the month.

Under the national policy of “guarantee supply and stabilize prices”, coal companies represented by National Energy Group, China Coal Group, Jinneng Holding Group and Yitai Group The coal industry has made a commitment to continue to “guarantee supply and stabilize prices.”

Commitment content: During the heating season of this winter and next spring, the thermal coal with a calorific value of 5,500 kcal for the launch of the Bohai Sea Port will be under 1,800 yuan/ton; The closing price of kcal thermal coal is below 1,500 yuan/ton; the closing price of 4,500 kcal thermal coal is below 1,200 yuan/ton; the price of high-calorie thermal coal other than the above coal types does not exceed 2,000 yuan/ton.

In terms of specific actions, the National Energy Group Coal Management Company stated that at present, the company’s annual self-produced coal long-term cooperative price is only 754 yuan/ton, which is lower than the government-guided price 58%, the annual compliance rate of the self-produced coal long-term association reached 94%, and the annual long-term association procurement and sales prices of outsourced coal were lower than market conditions.

China Coal Group supplied 57,000 tons of thermal coal to Huaneng Yingkou Power Plant at a price of 1,200 yuan/ton.

Jinneng Holding Group actively takes measures to increase production and stabilize prices. One is to stabilize coal supply by increasing production; the other is to implement an annual long-term agreement price mechanism and strictly enforce price-limiting measures. , To stabilize coal prices.

In addition to the above coal groups, Qinhuangdao Port, the main hub of China’s north-south coal transportation, and Caofeidian Port, Huaneng’s largest coal terminal, are also connected with coal, power upstream and downstream enterprises, railways, etc. The transport unit reached a consensus and signed the “Letter of Commitment to Ensure Supply, Stable Price, and Honest Operation.”

Qinhuangdao Port stated that it will give priority to companies that have initiated initiatives and fulfilled their promises, and will give priority to guaranteeing coal demand for power generation and heating. Caofeidian Port has formulated measures to ensure coal supply, and cooperates with customers and railway departments to ensure that coal for power generation and heating is loaded on ships, and to ensure that the guaranteed supply of resources is given priority to exit the port.

is about to enter the winter heating period, and the National Development and Reform Commission will take multiple measures to controlThe tight coal supply pattern is improving. However, with the normalization of strict supervision of coal mine safety, environmental protection, land and other links, coal production capacity in some areas is released or continues to be The price is stable, and government and enterprises need to join hands to win this tough battle together.

This time, coal “guarantees supply and price stability”, coal groups and important transportation ports are actively shouldering corporate responsibilities, playing the role of “stabilizer” to ensure safety , Stable coal supply, and promote the coal market to return to rationality.