Problem description: Before I went to Bangladesh to assist in construction in 2019, I found herpes in the liver during the health check arranged by the unit. At that time, the doctor said it was okay, don’t care. Then go abroad. In June 2020, I felt a hard object against my right rib, which has affected my sleep. Because the local medical conditions are very backward, there has been no inspection. After returning to China in April this year, the unit arranged a health check and found that the liver had an anechoic area of ​​14mmx12mm with clear edges. How to check and treat this situation.
Question date:2021-05-19
Patient information:Age: 56 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: Hello, according to your description, is this case a color Doppler ultrasound? You can do a liver CT diagnosis. From the description, it looks like a cyst. A cyst of this size generally does not have much impact on health and does not require specific treatment.
Guidelines: Just do a regular review. If it continues to increase in the later period, interventional surgery can be considered, and the operation is relatively simple.
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