Problem description: My face was accidentally burned by fire half a month ago, and now I have a very ugly scar, so I want to ask what should I do if my face was burned by fire?
Date of question: 2021-06-12
Patient information: Age: 34 Gender: Female
The face was left on fire Scars can be removed by applying scar gel or laser. If the patient’s scar is relatively mild, in this case, you can choose to remove scar gel for treatment. After a period of time, the degree of scars on the patient’s face will be significantly reduced. If the scar on the face of the patient is more serious, it is recommended to choose laser scar removal for treatment. Laser scar removal is a safer and faster way. Laser scar removal can make the degree of scars on the face lighter. After the operation, you need to pay more attention to the cleanliness of the face. In addition, you should take sun protection measures when you go out, and don’t let the sun directly shine on your face to avoid aggravation of scars.
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