Problem description: I went to the hospital two days ago to have a prosthetic breast augmentation, and there was obvious swelling locally. How long can the swelling disappear completely after the prosthesis breast augmentation?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 28 Gender: Female
Generally, it is 4 after breast augmentation. The swelling can be relieved in about 5 weeks, but the specific time will vary from person to person. Everyone’s skin is different, and the way of care and maintenance in daily life is also different, so there will be some differences in the time to reduce the swelling. Prosthetic rhinoplasty is a commonly used method of rhinoplasty, which can improve the flatness of the nose and the collapse of the nose. After finishing the prosthetic rhinoplasty, you need to take care of the corresponding nursing measures. Try not to do too vigorous exercise in a short time to avoid causing the prosthesis to shift and affect the effect of surgery. At the same time, you must choose some comparisons in diet. Foods that are easy to digest and absorb.
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