Problem description: From time to time, there will be a few acne on the face. It feels particularly ugly. I think of getting a water injection in the hospital. Can I get a water injection if I love acne on my face?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 28 Gender: Female
I love acne on my face, Generally, it can be injected with water and light, but you need to avoid the period of acne. If you love acne on your face, you can usually get a water injection, but you need to avoid the acne period. After the acne disappears, you can inject the water injection to improve it. Water and oil can make the skin look more supple and smooth. It helps to improve your facial image. The formation of acne may be caused by long-term eating peppers to stimulate skin infections, or it may be caused by not paying attention to facial cleansing, causing oil residues to block pores. During the treatment period, the diet is mainly light. Do not eat hot peppers, onions, garlic and other irritating foods. Pay attention to the cleansing of the face and do not scratch with your hands.
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