Problem description: I have some spots on my face. I look very ugly. I want to do laser removal. How much does the laser cost?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: Female
The spot on the face was lasered The price is between 100 yuan and 5,000 yuan, depending on the area of ​​the spot. If the facial spots are small, the price for a single charge is around 60 yuan. If there are many facial spots, laser freckle removal on the whole face is required, and the price will be around 2,000 yuan. For wounds, sun spots, etc., the price of a laser is about 200 yuan, and for melasma, melanosis, etc., the charge price is about 5,000 yuan. Different hospitals have different prices, so the price of laser freckle removal should be determined according to the actual situation.
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