Problem description: I found that my lip hairs are getting thicker and thicker. My friend said that it’s because I often shave my lip hairs. I want to know if my lip hairs are shaved more and more?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 25 Gender: Female
Girls are more likely to shave their lip hair The more you shave, it is generally recommended to use laser hair removal methods. Usually it will shave thicker and thicker, and it will shave more and more. It is not recommended to shave lip hair. If you want permanent hair removal, you can choose laser to remove lip hair. The effect of laser removal of lip hair can be long. The maintenance of time. Laser hair removal is currently the most advanced permanent hair removal method. It is highly targeted and has significant effects. It is simple to try and can also be treated by physical methods. It can well make the hair in the hair follicle fall off. Pay attention to develop good living habits, work and rest regularly, don’t stay up late for a long time, and don’t eat spicy food, keep your mood at ease, and maintain a good attitude.
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