Problem description: My sister just had a complete double eyelid cut. She is short-sighted but does not want to wear a framed lens. How long can I wear contact lenses?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information: Age: 24 Gender: Female
After total double eyelid surgery, It takes at least a month to wear contact lenses, and if the postoperative recovery is not satisfactory, the time should be extended accordingly. Full double eyelid surgery will cause trauma and it will take some time to recover. Postoperative care is very important. The first thing to do is to avoid the wound with water, keep the wound clean and dry, and prevent infection. At the same time, pay attention to avoid touching the wound, so as not to affect the recovery. If you wear contact lenses prematurely, it is easy to touch unhealed wounds and cause bacterial infections. Therefore, it takes at least one month to wait for the surgical wound to heal completely before you can wear contact lenses. The wound of full double eyelid surgery is relatively large, so the recovery time is relatively long. When performing full double eyelid surgery, you must choose a regular medical institution to avoid serious consequences.
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