Problem description: I have just had a total double eyelid surgery and my eyes are nearsighted. I want to wear contact lenses. How long can I wear contact lenses for a total double eyelid?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 24 Gender: Female
After double eyelid surgery, I want to To wear contact lenses, you need to wear contact lenses after one month. Just after the double eyelid surgery, the eyelids are in a state of edema, which is very unsuitable for wearing contact lenses, and within one week after the operation, the surgical wound does not heal, and it is very easy to be infected. At this time, pay special attention to eye hygiene, let alone Wear contact lenses. After the incision double eyelid surgery, because the incision and the suture are on the eyelid, it is recommended to start wearing contact lenses one month after the operation. This will be safer and will not irritate the incision. You can wear take-away glasses first. Don’t overuse your eyes, pay more attention to rest and care. In the early stage of wearing contact lenses after surgery, the movements must be gentle and try not to irritate the upper eyelids. This is very important for the recovery of the double eyelids.
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