Problem description: I have been doing a full double eyelid for a while, and now I want to have eyelash extensions. How long will I have to wait to pick it up?
Question date:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: Female
It is best to wait until the double eyelid is cut for half a year Later, the eyelashes were applied again, and there was no swelling or pain on the eyelids. Eyelash extension after half a year is because the scar after cutting the double eyelid takes about 6 months to gradually recover and stabilize, no longer proliferate, and the width of the double eyelid is relatively constant. The part of the eyelash extensions is very close to the double eyelid, and it is easy to touch the wound. Moreover, the eyelash extensions will be glued to the real eyelashes one by one. There are more chemicals, so it is best to apply it after the wound is fully recovered to avoid Infection occurs, which affects the effect of double eyelid surgery. So be sure to wait until your wound has recovered, there is no discomfort, and the swelling has disappeared before borrowing. And during the double eyelid cut, pay attention to care, do not touch the eyes with your hands to avoid inflammation, and try to avoid eating spicy and other irritating foods.
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