Problem description: When I recently washed my face, I didn’t use facial cleanser to cause large pores and a lot of blackheads. How to fix large pores and blackheads?
Date of question:2021-06-13
Patient information:Age: 35 Gender: Female
Large pores and blackheads can be applied locally Aloe vera juice or applying vitamin E ointment can have a repair effect, and laser treatment can also be used if necessary. Large pores or more blackheads appear on the face, sometimes it may be oily skin or long-term accumulation of facial cleanser when washing the face will cause the symptoms of large pores. In severe cases, it may also cause folliculitis. Normally, you can also use photorejuvenation or fruit acid rejuvenation to improve it. It can only quickly remove blackheads on the face, and it can also shrink the pores and make the skin firm and elastic. Always pay attention to skin care. When washing your face, you must use facial cleanser to clean it. You can also use some blackhead removal products to improve it.
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